Recommendations...New light for 3-4 plants 4x4 Vegging Room

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  1. Hey all I'm looking to upgrade my vegging light I've had for 3 years. Its a simple 450W Viparspectra, did me well for 3 years to veg but I know it's time to let her go and upgrade. I run a TSL 2000 Mars Hydro for flower, was thinking about a Mars TS 1000 for vegging, I do DWC. Any other thoughts or deals people know about. I'm going away from the blurple as well.
  2. Budget? If u want cheap might as well go with the mars hydro. They are some decent white light leds..... szgeeklightjane on Instagram is a good rep for alibaba. If $ isn’t an issue get u the blue heat sink, 4 board, 288 fixture. It runs 200-480w with the driver it comes with. 850$
  3. What size space do you have?
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  4. Go on alibaba and get yourself 2 240 wat quantom boards with ir and UV and red diodes. Cheap and top of the line lights. Don’t waste your money on a shitty blurple like viprascetra or that cookie sheet of a light from mars hydro. This will be plenty of light for your 4x4. I have the same set up

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  5. Think each board is around 200$

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  6. I veg with about 40w per sq ft. Prob could 35. 30w per sq ft isn’t enough in flowering tho. I set my wattage by my plants reaction to the light. In veg at 50w per sq ft they are getting to intense of light. The edge points on leaves will all start to stand. So I dim them a small amount at a time until they lay almost all the way flat(edge points) and the leaves still pray a little bit. When flower time comes(about a week or less after flip) I’ll start turning wattage up to get to 50wper sqft. During flowering at 50w per sq ft the edge points on leaves dont point up and the plant shows zero signs of light intensity stress... if ur gonna run qbs get the same amount of wattage as u would running any other type of light, 50w per sq ft, and dim them in veg as needed. If u grew with 600w b4 and say u was pulling 600g dry. Why lower ur ur watts a couple hundred and try to match the same 600w? I feel it’d be better to run the 600w of QBs and pull more then 600w off of it..
  7. My set up with 2 QB 240 watt red diode uv and ir I had more than enough light. Dimmed during veg and almost full blast during flower. Pulled 1.5 lbs from 6 plants in 3 gallon pots in my 4x4.

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  8. Did you get yours off alibaba as well. If so any reputable sellers? Links? I’m hesitant to order from them for the first time. But willing to.
  9. If your looking for a kick ass lamp I would highly consider theses ...

    ProGrowTech - Evolve your grow

    Don’t know what ya have to spend but it don’t get better than this imo. State of the art. Can keep them 10-12” from canopy with out fear of bleaching . Absolutely insane. Ya can control the spectrum reds ,blues, whites. I’m ordering the ev700 very soon. You can add more led bars if your room grows or ya wanna ad more light plug n play . Checkem our man.. you won’t be sorry

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  10. I'd try Ramatix HAMR, priced close to the Mars SP250. Theres a good youtube review on it somwhere. You could flower with it too.
  11. Yes got them from alibaba the company that makes them is KINGBRITE only kicker is the shipping. I’m in the us and that cost me about 60$ only took about 2-3 weeks

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    Been reading and researching, what about these?

    MAXSISUN 2020 Latest QB Style PB 2000 LED Grow Light, High PPFD Rating Sunlike Full Spectrum LED Grow Lights for Indoor Plants Veg and Bloom, Plant Growing Lamps to Cover a 3x3.5 ft Flowering Space

    amazon B083432HQQ

    BAVAGREEN 240W Full Spectrum LED Grow Light. Dimmable Sunlike LED Plant Growing Lamp for Seedling Veg Flowering,Samsung LM301B diodes, Meanwell Driver. (Mixed LM301B + UV + IR + 660nm Deep Red)

    amazon B07SQRMDZ4

    BESTVA CE-2000 LED Grow Light with SANAN Chips LP2235 & Smart Driver Full Spectrum Plants Lights for Indoor Veg and Flower Growing Lamp

    amazon B083TP7X47
  13. I'd lean towards the first 2

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