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Recommendations for Shipping

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by OccassionalToke, Sep 15, 2009.

  1. I was thinking about having a relative send an eighth (rather small amount) via UPS but we were both afraid about the risks. I have a few questions so please, anyone with insight do share:

    1) Granted, large amounts are risky to ship, but have you or how often have you shipped small amounts?

    2) I prefer UPS since its not Postal Service (Federal domain)...this makes sense right?

    3) I plan to use an airlocked back (or as air sealed as possible) then bury it deep in a peanut butter jar (inside the peanut butter), then place the peanut butter inside a small box. Is there an easier way of doing this?

    4) I plan to have the shipment expedited so as to avoid less opportunities during transit for damage and/or discovery of the contents.

    5) Lastly, I may consider using my company's UPS account which I have legitimate access to, and can easily make an excuse for a package of that size and cost to my company (in the unlikely event they ask) - the only downside to this is that the package is traceable to my company (thus me).

    UPS at this point is my preferred carrier but let me know what you all think! thanks!
  2. if id ever send weed in the mail(which i wuld never do its not that smart to try imo)'

    but id mos def not put my return adress on it lol

    ps these rappers i know named twiztid...well the dogg pound ppl sent em weed in a film canaster in the mail..tht worked.
  3. don't use your company or name, and use a fake return address. up to an ounce no problems with USPS, didn't even expedite it (it's a good idea to, though).

    a mason jar (airtight) in a bag of coffee beans works. so do those little plastic airtight containers. peanut butter method works too. basically just double and triple bag it, wash your hands before packing, and while you're packing wipe down the outside of each component with a paper towel with rubbing alcohol (ie. rub down the pb jar and put it in the box, seal it up, and wipe down the box on the outside). i normally put in bubble wrap or newspaper so it's not rolling around, not necessary though.
  4. thanks for the info so far folks, any other recommendations?

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