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Recommendations for a first smoking implement?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by BillReventli, Apr 23, 2010.

  1. Anyone recommend anything specific/good for a first smoking implement?
  2. Joint.

    Very easy for a first timer,

    But if your talking about buying your own piece then that is a different story.

    A small glass spoon or Chillum is cheap, easy to conceal, and not difficult to use
  3. Well I would say a joint but if you want to get super high then use a bong...
  4. Glass spoon for sure.
  5. My first was a pipe, and I still got peaced.
  6. My first time was a joint and it's always been my favorite way of smoking. I think it's the most aesthetically pleasing... but that's just my opinion. A joint is certainly not the best way to conserve weed though.
  7. Thanks for the tips. I'll probably look into a glass spoon tomorrow.
  8. Depends on how much you're looking to spend (if any at all).

    If on the super cheap, roll up a joint or blunt.

    If you wanna spend $20-$30 get a decent spoon/glass pipe (no plastic shit).

    If you wanna spend $50+ get a nice glass bong, try to find a thick one.

    My suggestion would be the bong if you can afford it, but if not the pipe will work well too :D!
  9. You can get this for $22 and its color changing glass meaning all the rich colors will appear after you smoke with it for a short while.

    5" Double Tube Spiral Pipe

  10. Probably going to go with the spoon/pipe. My paychecks are not hideously small, but they're not terribly large, either.
  11. My first time smoking was out of a cheap bubbler. Then some spoons and Ls. I smoked hand rolled cigs for awhile, so I consider myself a pretty good joint roller, all natural no tools lol. I'm looking to invest in my first piece as well, considering some local blown sherlocks. Just waiting to fond one in a color I really like before I spend the 40 to 50 bones.

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