Recommend Top 5 strains! d:]

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  1. I am ordering up to 10 different types of beans tomorrow, and I want suggestions on what I should purchase.

    It will be run under a 400w HPS/MH.

    I am interested in easy to grow organic FFOF soil and Trio pack nutrients, with Hygrozyme.

    Currently I am interested in autoflower ak47, Diesel Ryder, definitely OG Kush.

    Please recommend your Top 5 for me to grow. I also need a second recommendation on 2 plants with purple genetics.

    So in summary, I'm looking to buy quite a few different types of seeds packs and I will take in all the recommendations and tally things up. I am trying to stick with feminized autoflowers, but I am open to White Widow, Northern Lights, Cheese, etc...

    So for example tell me:
    1)autoflower ak47
    2)og kush
    4)northern lights

    1)purple rhino
    2)grand daddy purp

    thanks guys, hope im not confusing anyone. really excited in getting a public opinion on what would be some good strains to run and do a journal for everyone to view. :D

    dont be afraid to give some detail on why you suggest something. maybe you suggest Citrus, because of the sweet smooth taste it is likely to produce, but doesn't produce a large amount, and may take 10+ weeks. something like that ya know :)
  2. If i could order beans right now then i would look into Purple Rhino and high grade 100% indica beans because I like the full body highs with a big head high rush
  3. nice input, not as mush as I would've liked but it's a start.

    anyone else have some suggestions?
  4. Arjans Ultra Haze #1

    Just some beans that I convinced my friend to order. Good yeilds indoors :)

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