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  1. Post five hip hop songs that are real gems 10/10 songs and that might be a little unknown. Keep the quality high. No youtube links just post 1-5.

    I'll start
    1 Soul Assassins - Intermission
    2 Necro - Drug Dealing
    3 Big L Ft. Big Pun & Biggie - We Run NY
    4 Snowgoons - Heads or Tails (Chief Kamachi, Virtuoso, Jus Allah)
    5 Curren$y - Bout It
  2. 1. Phonte ft 9th Wonder - Too Late

    2. Drake - 9 AM in Dallas Freestyle

    3. MF DOOM - Trap Door

    4. Jay Electronica - Exhibit A

    5. Pete Rock ft Slum Village - Da Villa
  3. Black moon- buck em down

    Masta Ace- Acknowlege

    Drake- Its been a pleasue Ft. Jaye

    KiD CuDi- Love Stoned freestyle
    Paper planes freestyle
  4. N.A.S.A.- the spirit of Appollo- this whole album is amazing, it's a hip hop collective and the cd features collabs like kool keith with tom waits and wu tang with karen o. amazing stuff
    kool keith-trees
    dr octagon-earth people
    mos def- hip hop
    fashawn-samsonite man
  5. 1. Better&Better - KRS One
    2.God of Rap - Afu-ra
    3.Inspiration - Classified
    4.Shook Ones Part II - Mobb Deep
    5.G Code- Geto Boys
  6. Lil Wayne.


    I like how most everyone thinks they're original by making a new Hip Hop thread, and it just so happens almost everyday. Please use the search button next time. But here, this one's my favorite. ;)
  7. [ame=]YouTube - Gucci Mane Lemonade Spoof MrGrind(as Coogi Mane) - Yella[/ame]
  8. ^Possibly one of the worst videos ever.

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