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  1. What's up GC. Well, I'll keep it short and simple. Hopefully you guys can help me out.

    I am looking into ordering some seeds (I live in the States, btw) and after doing some research I have come to the conclusion that I will most likely be ordering from DrChronic. I am planning to grow it indoors in a ceramic pot. I live in South Florida, so we get tropical weather pretty much year round. Now for the questions.

    Since I live in a tropical climate, are there any seeds that will flourish without the aid of those light boxes? I am thinking of just having the plant near a window. If this is not recommended please let me know, however, I would prefer not using up electricity to grow

    My next question is what kind of plant do I want. I have only tried a couple or smokes. I want something that gets me high in a way where colors and sound trip you out. I'd rather not have a high wear I just become glued to my couch. Any tips?

    And lastly, I do not plan on selling or anything of that nature. Just a couple of plants for personal consumption. Since it will be my first time attemtping to grow, I'd prefer a plant that is easy to maintain, yet potent. Oh! And are there plants that smell less than others? My fiance hates the smell (Shame becuase I absolutely LOVE it) If so, please let me know.

    Wow, that isn't short at all lol. Sorry about that. Any help will be appriciated.

    *packs up a bowl* Take it easy guys!
  2. you should DEFINATELY look into C99 then and avoid indicas. SATIVAS are where you get those ever so fun trippy highs. that'swhat i'm all about. i hate the common indica shit that every dealer peddles. all it does is put you to sleep.

    C99 (cinderella 99) would be perfect for your grow.
    1. she's trippy and racy like a pure sativa, but she grows fast and compact like an indica. i spent a long time looking for just such a plant because i hate indicas and most trippy sativas like to grow huge and take their time. C99 has nice yields too.
    2. she's low odor & stealthy. she has a nice floral odor and sometimes a pineapple flavor... yummy

    if you'd like a trippier high that isn't as racy and paranoid but more relaxed to couchlocking, you might look into super silver haze or apollo 11. SSH can get skunky and couchlock while A11 is lemony and euphoric. SSH & jack herer have the same genes, but SSH has a better order of breeding with MF roles switched at the final cross. C99 is supposed to be JH X a skunk and A11 is C99 X genius.

    as to growing in a window, you could always put something up to diffuse the light such as frosted contact paper so people can't see what's in your window, but you have to consider lighting if you put your plants there. you can't have any inward light leaks at night or keep it in the room when it's lit at night because weed need 12 hours of uninterrupted darkness to flower properly. were you planning on putting your plants in a closet at night?
  3. Thanks for the reply.

    People looking inside my house really is not a problem. One of my neighbors is an old lady who never leaves her house. The other is my stoner buddy. My backyard leads to a lake. So I am pretty well covered on all sides.

    I honestly had no idea they need complete darkness. I was just going to leave it near the window. I could move it into a closet no problem though.

    I'll look into that C99. The main reason I wanrt to grow my own is becuase the stuff I buy now I enjoy for like 15 minutes then I feel like my eyes wiegh 20 lbs and want to go to sleep.

    Good stuff man.
  4. if u can find CAMBODIAN! seeds i highly recomend them. its the greatest sativa of all time not available from seed banks. difacult to find but it cuts factory gm seeds long wide and deep. ihave been growing for 15 years and mothing comes close. my past fav was dutch passion mazar but cambo is better tasting stronger and loe maintainance. first timer or old salt CAMBODIAN! is the only way to go! good luck
  5. yeah... asian sativas kick much hiney, but they're totally impractical indoors unless you have 10 foot high picture windows or trellis them. i'd love to be able to grow cambodian, thai, vietnamese black, lien huanh or even african malawi gold myself, but they're really for outdoor growers.

    you should definately read up on growing techniques. switching lighting to 12/12 is what triggers flowering. when the light cycle is interrupted, plants revert to vegetative growth.

    if you have alot of space outdoors, and non-intrusive neighbors, you might want to look into outdoor growing too and you could grow pure sativas. you're pretty close to the equator there and have mild winters. i don't know if you could start plants outdoors this late in the season though. i'm not well read on outdoor grows. you can grow weed outdoors stealthy though if you take the time to tie it down. as miuch as pure sativas like to stretch, they're super easy to camoflage. i'd seenn one grower who trellised his plants and tied fake flowers to them.

    i know from experience that someone was growing some super skunky indica in a field and tying it down, but i couldn't find it. after an hour of trying to find a bud and tripping over old tie downs, i gave up searching. i could smell it, but i just couldn't see it.

    as to indica couchlock, i totally feel your pain. the very first thing i started out smoking was potent & trippy thai. it smelled like pinecones. once it disappeared and indicas started to flood the market, i started to DESPISE them. they were no fun and twice as expensive to boot! i was paying $35-$40 a QUARTER for thai everywhere i went.

    i despise couchlock. i don't need to smoke to go to sleep.

    trippy sativas are the best, but energetic ones are fun too. kali mist isn't trippy like thai, at least if you nurse the one gram you have, but it's totally energetic and happy. i was soooooooo excited when my sister's BF threw me a bud as i had 15 years of indica contempt by then and knew KM was a sativa. i had planned on sitting back and tripping out on tunes like i used to on thai, but it wouldn't let me sit still. i ended up cleaning my house (i'm a terrible procrastinator) with a stupid grin on my face humming "don't worry, be happy".

    if i were to smoke something for when i want to do something i hate doing or on a date whose pants i want to get into, it would totally be kali mist. rumor has it ladies love it and i'm sure all of the happy energy you get from it would help encourage getting naked alot.
    "i feel so good and i have all this energy... what am i going to do with it all?" LOL

    KM is expensive, but worth it though. i love it's super spicy flavor. it's like smoking crushed red pepper... mmmm.... yummy.

    if you like the taste of licorice (i hate it myself) you should look into durban poison. despite it having the most disgusting flavor in the entire food world to me, it has a nice energetic high, is 100% sativa and grows relatively compact.

    glad to hear there's another budding (pun intended) sativa lover out there. we must unite and destroy the forces of couchlock my brothers! :smoking:
  6. After reading your advice, I think I am going to hold of on ordering right now and do some reading up on cultivation. I realize there is plenty I do not know, and it would be awful to have shitty plants becuase I failed to study up. Any
    good books/ site you think I should check out?

    Oh, growing outside I'm not to hyped about. I live in a pretty skecthy neighborhood and there are always police helicopters in the air looking for runaway criminals. Last thing I want is to caught when they aren't even looking.

    Thanks for the advice man. You are a great help.
  7. no problem.

    if you want to learn the basics... go no further than this forum. there are forums dedicated to all facets of growing here.

    as to books, i know of one really excellent guide that covers EVERYTHING, but don't recall what it's called. the cover USED TO BE a cheap looking cartoon with alot of colors, but they changed it. oddly enough, the WORST guide was the one with the slickest cover. i was black with a picture of a bud with a green glow around it... very classy looking, but that one has been changed too. i owned them back in the 80s.

    the one with the cheesy cover & illustrations had the best info by far, but basic growing isn't that complicated and any issues you might encounter down the road like nutrient deficiencies and parasites could be answered here.

    it is a good idea to read before you leap though.

    i can say that my remaining marijuana botany book which is mostly about breeding covers all of the growth basics too.

    hey... in trying to find a page that sells books, i found this handy website right away. why buy a book and kill a tree when you can get it free? a nice thing i see just skimmin the site is that they have full color PICS of male & female budding instead of drawing or B&W like in books.
    there's your homework.

    BTW... to the grower who mentions cambodian, stay tuned for reeferman seeds' Bohdi Sativa which is a cambodian & burmese cross. sounds awesome Sativa.htm
  8. The best books I've found, and I've read a half dozen or so are:

    1) Marijuana Horticulture, The Indoor/outdoor Medical Growers Guide by Jorge Cervantes, and

    2) Organic Marijuana Soma Style by SOMA.

    But there are others out there. Ed Rosenthal has some good info, and he's smart as hell too. But Cervantes' book is totally complete, and has lots of helpful pics for diagnosing plant problems. Soma's book (this one anyway) isn't nearly the book that Cervantes is; however, it does tell you how to grow organic, and I think thats the way to go if you grow for yourself -- then you know it's SAFE and I think it turns out tasting and working better, too.

    Just my 2 cents. Hope I don't piss anyone off. . ..

  9. OK... then cervantes probably wrote the book i loved and rosenthal (circa 1985) wrote the one i hated.

    i just remember that one book had the most information and covered the most topics from lighting to breeding while the other two only had one or two things to add that my favorite didn't cover.

    all i remember is the one that looked the cheapest had the best info and the one that looked the most professional was the skimpiest and cheesiest infowise.
  10. What's up guys. I'm still holding off on ordering until I read some more. Today when my friend came over we found a seed in his baggy. Any chance it'll grow? I read that germinating the seed will help it grow so have it between two moist towels between to plates in a dark place. Anyway, anyone have experience with "baggy seeds"?
  11. I'm not trying to be a killjoy, but growing your plants on the windowsill isn't a good idea for obvious reasons, like someone might see them.

    If you want the ultimate in easy growing, some of the autoflowering strains are ideal. Lowryder #2 is supposed to be an up high, it's been bred with Santa Maria. The Masterlow is good, too, although it is predominantly indica kush-like. But then again, as boring people are always bored, I think the whole idea of "couchlock" means first you have to sit down on a couch.

    But there are actually a lot of these autoflowering strains that you could grow in a window, and they wouldn't need absolute darkness, or any darkness at all, they would just bud, even if you had them under a lamp 24/7. Most grow to maturity in less than 80 days, and they usually only grow to one meter, maximum. Check them out. People who actually grew tham and could show you pictures are usually quite happy with them.

    People who say "I read", "I heard", or "a friend grew" and have nothing to back up their statements about these strains are usually lying , and not just about these strains.
  12. yeah, i was thinking that too. lowryder would be the ideal strain for growing in an environment where you can't create a stable 12/12 lighting sequence, but that's about the ONLY use for it.

    as far as quality smokes go, it sucks. it's rated about 6 at the OG strainbase. it's based around ruderalis whic is a russian strain with virtually no THC, so any strain with it's genes is going to weaker than one without them.

    for a set it and forget it window grow, it would be fine.

    as i mentioned before, just put some frosted adhesive paper on the window so no-one can see what's inside, but light would still pass through, but be careful about back lighting as they sure enough would be able to see a plant's backlit shadow on the frosted diffusion paper.

    you could window grow lowryder without worrying about moving the plant. good call there gangreenthumb!

    as to bagseed, if it's aged enough and undamaged, bagseed should be viable. some of the best weed i smoked amoked after thai disappeared and indicas invaded was actually bagseed grown under a pair of shoplights. alot of it was mexican sativa brick, but i had everything up to flat out skunks too. i didn't bud it out and just plucked the newest leaves daily. new growth on leaves has the most THC besides bud.

    if treated properly, anything you grow from bagseed will be at least as good and more likely even better. often, it isn't the genes that decide how a weed smokes, it's how abused it is and how late harvested it is. that mexican brick made for some awesome clear headed leaflet trim! i bet buds would have been awesome.

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