Recommend me some JRPGs for PS3, Wii, or DS

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  1. Games I've loved:

    Demon's/Dark Souls
    3D Dot Game Heroes
    Final Fantasy XIII
    Final Fantasy IV TAY
    Pokemon series
    Dragon Quest IX
    Luminous Arc

    Games I've hated:

    The World Ends With You
    Kingdom Hearts series
    Golden Sun: Dark Dawn (Though I loved the first two)

    Would be awesome to find another JRPG to pick up since I've burned myself off the PS1 games. Looking at Radiant Historia, Fragile Dreams, and Xenoblade.
  2. Final Fantasy VI
    Final Fantasy VII
    Final Fantasy VIII
    Final Fantasy XI
    Final Fantasy Tactics
    Persona 3
    Persona 4
    Lunar 2 Eternal Blue
    Lunar Silver Star Story
    Parasite Eve 2
    Shin Megami Tensei: Devil Summoner
    Monster Quest
  3. I meant PS3/Wii/DS specifically >_> I've played like all of those games
  4. Breath of fire 1 2 3 are on wii ware I think
    Lost odyssey was decent but on 360
  5. Xenoblade it's real good I play it from time to time, and I think The Last Story comes out in 2 days. Not got sure though but it looks pretty good.
  6. Off the top of my head, Last Story and Xenoblade
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    Google is your friend, captain. But in my opinion, these two are very good.

    1. Eternal Sonata : ps3/360
    2. Valkyria Chronicles : ps3

    Also, here are several links to amazon lists.

    PS3 LIST
    DS List
    Wii list


    You're lazy.
  8. Ok I'm probably gonna go with Xenoblade. The Last Story looks pretty good too, but I wanna wait for some reviews. My Wii needs some more lovin' anyways =D

    Read: 'Recommend'. As in JRPGs YOU enjoyed and would recommend. Not some massive list of games without much of any opinions on the surface. I'm not sifting through all that.

    Reading comprehension is your best friend
  9. You need some reading comprehension skills, they gave you their opinion on what were two very good games.... Why don't you read harder, instead of making yourself look stupid.
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    Look up Eternal Sonata and Valkyria Chronicles. Those are two games that I played that I really enjoyed.

    Valkyria Chronicles was probably more original and strategic gameplay-wise, while Eternal Sonata is... Idk man, more traditional JRPG turn based gameplay. Both have good stories. Plus they are pretty cheap.

    Also, I almost forgot, there's that new Ni No Kuni game coming out from Studio Ghibli. Check it out.
  11. No shit they did, Sherlock. I'm reacting to his/her pompous attitude in calling me lazy over asking a simple question.
  12. I have my eyes on Valkyria Chronicles, was gonna grab it today but they didn't have it at Gamestop -_- supposed to be one of the better JRPGs. Eternal Sonata looked good, reminds me of the Tales series. Only question: is it as 'anime cliche' as the Tales games? I mean, I enjoyed Symphonia, but the other games look... cheesy.

    I winded up picking up Xenoblade today, but I'm gonna keep Valkyria Chronicles on the top for my next pick. Thanks everyone
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    I haven't actually played the Tales series >.<
    But I liked Eternal Sonata. Plus it's loosely based on a composers real life and dreams right before he died. The game uses a lot of his music. It kind of makes it more set in reality compared to a lot of games, even though it's probably stretching the hell out of what his dreams really were.:rolleyes:

    Valkyria Chronicles is the better game of the two, no doubt.

    Watching the trailer of Eternal Sonata does make it seem cheesy. I couldn't say, it was a few years ago that I played it.
  14. Ni no kuni! Cut scenes and characters done by studio ghilbi and music by Joe hiashi so you're basically playing a miyazaki movie xD

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