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    Hey GC, finally coming back inside for a new grow, outdoor run should be ready to harvest in mid-Oct. :D I was looking/researching strains alot yesterday but there are so many choices, its hard to come up with solid selections. I'd like to buy from Dr. Chronic, not that it matters a whole lot, I don't know how sketchy others are, I looked through seed boutique as well, lots of good choices at both. I was thinking maybe a nice sativa, Purple Cindy? I dont know.. Also looked into Orange Bud, looked good... The only reason I was thinking sativa is that it won't finish outdoors. One thing I'm looking for is an uplifting smoke that I can smoke during the day and not be burnt out and tired. Also looking to keep it under 50$ or so...
    Anyone know anything about mandala? They don't seem to be around anywhere :confused: I wanted to grow one or two of their strains. Anyway, thanks alot for suggestions and anything else.

    late edit: im in the US

  2. I've heard and read nothing but good about Mandala and all thier strains. Last I heard however the main breeeder was ill and seeds were not being sold. Could have changed...Check out I have been dealing with them for several years now . Getting some good genetics at a fair price shipped nice n stealthy should not be a problem. IMO Much Love.
  3. Thanks for the link, not working for me at the moment. says 'fatal error'.

  4. Shit ,sorry I spelled it wrong. IT's Again sorry I'm slightly tarted. IMO Much Love.
  5. haha yea I figured that out, still didn't work. I did get a random email telling me to go or something? Right now I'm looking into Joey Weed (company), c-99x apollo11 and other crosses with the c-99, anyone ever heard of it? From hemp-depot too, if anyone has any experiences with them
  6. where are you located in northeast u.s. im from northeast u.s and im planning on an outdoor project this spring. how were the growing conditions where you are from. how did your outdoor plant turn out?
  7. The conditions weren't bad, lots of rain for a while helped. Im from MA. check my grow in my sig....apparently the pics aren't in my gallery and not on this computer, sorry was gonna post a pic of my big plant that's still going.
  8. mandala is good stuff get the hashberry in quite a few hightimes magazines too
  9. ive never tried it but "white berry" from paradise seeds looks like a good indoor variety. also i have read posts here with people getting screwed by dr. chronic, but also i have read some that said it was a good place....:confused::confused:
  10. yeah im really confused on this too. this is the only thing that is stopping me right now and i need to get good info on the dr. so i can decide whether to purchase from him or not

  11. Careful as of late lots of docs stuff coming through the Chicago terminal(mid east U.S) have been getting green taped. If I was you until things cool off, I would think about getting your beans from Canada and not Europe. IMO Much Love.
  12. I got some Bluecheese from the Dr. about 2 months ago and it came quickly.

    But I'm not sure as of recent. Hope this info helps.
    i want to see someone grow it so bad. it's the seeds im getting for sure when i indoor
  14. I've heard a lot of good things about nirvana seeds. Also, im not sure who has them but im interested in eventually getting some hashplant, and hashberry.
  15. I 100% recommend Highgrade Seeds. Just check out their selection. Everything on there is amazing.

    For an indoor grow I would suggest their Northern Lights #5. It stays short. But I've seen yields up to 4-5oz per plant indoors. They also have Purple Cindy, which is C-99 x Purple Oregan Thai. It is the most intense high I've even had.
  16. how long do you have to let the NL#5 veg to get that kind of yeild?
  17. thanks for all the replies, although some of them strayed from the question. I emailed hempdepot yesterday concerning a strain that was 'returning soon' to ask what 'soon' meant, got a reply a couple hours later and the guy had updated the site and the seeds were already back in stock :)

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