Recommend me an oil piece!

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  1. So I've been wanting a strictly oil only piece for a while now and finally gathered enough money.:smoke:

    But all the choices I have are driving me nuts, so I need some opinions here.

    I've been eyeing a few Toro micros I saw online that I could snatch right away but don't know which one would be better for me errl, (internaline or frothilator?).

    What do you guys think?:confused:
  2. the less diffusion the better
  3. Look into a Korey kotman rig or a mnp. Those are a few I've liked, but I wouldn't say less diffusion is better, it's personal preference, but I prefer dabbing out of tubes.
  4. Diffused downstem, 8 inches tall such smooth hitters. I know the guy who mskes these.


  5. I don't own any diffused pieces. Is your opinion on less diffusion just for oil pieces and why less diffusion?

    Never smoked oil but thinking of getting a piece as well.

  6. For oil you ideally want minimal diffusion + minimal water filtration.

    Good errrl smoke has a super unique flavor and character. Sort of like drinking a fine glass of scotch but drinking it straight, so the taste isn't affected at all. But yes it's preference, really. However it always seems to hit me harder with minimal water.

    But dude if you haven't smoked oil EVER, don't go dropping hundreds on a piece. Oil is hard to come by, difficult/dangerous to make, and extremely potent. It's nothing like smoking flowers. It's even distinct from smoking hash. On it's own level. Try to find somebody who has a setup and knows where to get it, and try it first. It also looks very sketchy when you are actually heating the nail/pad. It's basically freebasing THC.
  7. Respect the advice man. Guess I wanted to jump on this oil bandwagon :D. My current connect has oils sometimes but if hes gone, it's not really something I feel like making myself. Maybe it's time I buy my first real bong. Thanks again bud.
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  9. It seems you are about to be the proud owner of my korey rig. As long as you stay in the lead!!
  10. that it is! my bad LOL.. even worse that i was asking him about them today.. that's what happens when i post after thoroughly testing out the WPA for the mflb..
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    this is what I'd get. should be pretty cheap too. I'm thinking somewhere in the range of 60-80 if you already have an oil dome/nail setup.

  12. Well jumping onto the oil bandwagon can be a highly rewarding experience (pun intended :smoke:)

    If your connect has some, buy the smallest amount he'll sell you and do some knife hits. Decide if it's a high you're comfortable with. If you like it then I would suggest going to your LHS and buying a male/male adapter, glass nail, and glass dome, along with a Vector torch. Although you'd have to have a glass-on-glass bong for that to be compatible.

    And as far as "making it yourself" it can be done safely you've just got to be intelligent about the entire process and familiar with basic chemical reactions and the results of such reactions. It's also a very easy way to waste a LOT of money if you f*** up. Just a forewarning.

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