Recommend me a small, concealable bong?

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  1. Alright, I'm thinking about buying a bong.

    However, I'd like it to be small and easily concealable, since my parents would tear me a new asshole if they found out I smoked. I was gonna use it for weed and salvia.

    I was looking at this bong:
    Molino mini bong - Dutch -

    Any positive words for it? Any other recommendations?
  2. fuck that bong. go to ur local headshop and pick out a smaller, slimer better looking straight tube bong for like 20 bucks.
  3. why not go with a bubbler?
  4. idk what your situation is..on size or width..but ^ yeah a bubbler would be a smart choice.

    Almost all glass companies have a mini verison of their bongs.
    Weedstar(i think..not sure completely)
    just about everyone makes them cause they are convenient so look around man
    find out what suits your needs and see if your capable of hiding it.

    Good Luck!
  5. id go with a bubbler instead. but if you want a mini bong maybe a mini zong because they're compact
  6. yap dear bubbler is a nice option
    thing about it


  7. compact and fragile..get a thick straight tube or a beaker..just small man. zong has those wild hooks and curves, defiantly not good for hiding.
  8. I agree songs break very easy. Get like a mini HVY tube, make sure it's thick and very simple. If it's your first piece though I reccomend a dry glass piece.
  9. Incredibowls are very easy to hide, even in plain sight... They look more like a piece of a car or something, and if you use the case, it looks like a tool case, plus it locks and is smell/watertight.

    I have some shorts with cargo pockets and the piece sits in there perfectly, and it's basically indestructible.

    And you don't need to put any water in it...



  10. The only problem is that it's over $200

    You can go to your local headshop and pick up a small thick glass piece for $20 - $30, if it's not thick it's not worth it IMO because you'll end up breaking it so fast you won't get your investment back. I got a small acrylic bong for $23 after tax, it's about a foot tall, blue and rips like a beast I couldn't be happier with it. You'll be happier if you get a piece from a headshop since you'll be able to see it first, unless your headshop is crappy.

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