Recommend me a bong please!!

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  1. Whats up GC, new to the forum. Was wondering if I could get some insight on some bongs. I'm looking to buy my first bong. I have about 200 to spend. I want a beaker bong, doesn't have to have any percs, but I do want an ice catcher. I was looking at the HVY Glass 5mm 13" beaker bong which I say for $100. If anyone can give me some reviews of other bongs or other name brands, it would definitely be appreciated. Any other help as well. Thanks in advance!
  2. also school me on percolated bongs. it is worth the extra money? pros and cons?
  3. Would you be open to bubblers?
  4. Yes. I am open to anything.
    I could spend up to $250-300
  5. ill PM you some stuff.
  6. I would have to say that the percolated bongs are REALLY nice, except the diffuser arms inside the neck of the things -always- make me nervous since anyone I have known with diffuser arms inside the bong have them broken. Mine is thankfully not broken yet, nor do I plan to ever have it be broken.

    Make sure if you do get a bong, remember the size of the glass on glass attachment, which will either be 14mm or 18mm. I personally enjoy 18mm because I want a larger area for the smoke to travel through. Some people prefer 14mm for other reasons.

    As for attachments, I have a HISI precooler/diffuser that was EXPENSIVE but way worth it. Keeps ash from getting in my bong and diffuses it nicely.

    Lastly, make sure it has an icepinch, and when you put ice in the bong, you DO NOT just drop it in. Tilt the bong to the side and carefully slide the ice in. Never force it either, if the ice is too big, just run some cool water over it in your hand for a couple seconds. Does the trick every time.

    I'll post a picture of my baby =P The bowl is also HISI and is the one with like 6 holes on the bottom for more airflow.

  7. Could get a nice SYN or HVY for 120-160 and then get a nice diffused downsteam like the SG Gridded or Alex K. Would make for a very nice bong.
  8. which would you prefer? showerhead or arm tree perk. right now I'm looking at HVY Glass, either the 13" beaker w/ ice pincher, 13" beaker w/ shower heard perk, ice pincher and splash guard, 15" beaker w/ 4 arm tree perk, splash guard, and ice pincher or the same one but in 9mm. How is HVY brand?
  9. HVY is a pretty good brand for their price. Quality glass. If you're planning to carry it around a lot or scared of getting it broken, you could get the 9mm beaker (without percs) and it'll never break. You could pretty much use it as a blunt weapon too. Spend the extra cash on an Alex K or Luke Wilson 6 arm downstem and get a B Wilson disc bowl. That'll be a pretty solid set up.
  10. your going to get a very nice bong for your budget, are you interested is percolators and ash catchers or would you prefer a classic straight glass bong. there are some great bongs online just take a good look around.

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