Recommend a short sativa dominant strain for stealth grow

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by treesonthisgreenearth, Oct 15, 2014.

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    Can you recommend a low growing mostly sativa strain for a stealth grow?

    I will be making a carbon filter so smell is not too much of an issue, but definitely would prefer non-weedy smell (perhaps fruity).

    Grow space is at most 3ft tall so would need to be relatively short although I am planning too lst.
  2. My other dog is a mastiff and he is for sure saliva dominant.
  3. Bahaha serves me right for typing that up half asleep!
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    Instead of looking for something that grows low, why not just LST it during veg, flower it when it's smaller and supercrop the budsites so that it grows sideways instead of straight up?
    I am planning to LST anyway, but if there is a strain out there that naturally stays more compact than your standard sativa, then it would really help since I am working with limited space and need to keep things on the down low.
    Let's say height can be controlled fairly well, what would you recommend in terms of strains that have fruity not so over powering smells?

    BTW, at the moment I am considering Royal Queen Fruit Spirit.
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    At the moment I am sitting on some Royal Queen Strawberry Cough seeds I got from Jack over there at The Vault's seed store. I am working very limited spaces as well and, since I haven't had much Sativa experience before, I was taken by surprise this run. I have a sativa that's higher up than my lights, LOL.. 

    Long story short, though.. Time your flowering and LST just right and you'll be fine.
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    Timing your flip time is going to be the biggest thing with that sativa stretch. You could really make any strain you want fit in 3 ft space with correct manipulation. Just go through the seed banks and find a slightly sativa dominant strain you want to grow, tie down like mad, time the 12/12 flip right and maybe try a small scrog screen if you want

    DNA Genetics Lemon OG Kush for my recommendation. 60/40 hybrid
    Haha, yeah I think I might have to do one of those 12/12 from seed grows just to keep things nice and tight. I was looking at Strawberry Cough after reading about it on high times top 25 list. How's the aroma? Is it quite weedy and/or strong?
    Thanks for the rec, how's the aroma of that one? Noticeably weedy and/or strong?
  9. I will be honest, I don't know. However, it's a solid sativa that's supposed to produce a very enjoyable high. I opted for durban poison over it, as it's my favorite strain of all so far that I've tried, even beating Sour Diesel. However, it's still a solid plant from the reviews and grow journals I've seen. 
  10. smells like lemon skunk funk
    if you want a fruity spicy smell then sweet seeds sweet thai
    Cool, I will look into both of them.

    Ah skunk is probably something I want to avoid. Will look into the sweet thai though. Thanks!
  12. Golden Goat stays pretty short and is sativa.
  13. power plant
    Cool, will check it out.
    Do you rec the one from Nirvana or Dutch Passion, or does it matter?
    Thanks for all the recs everyone! Keep them coming! I won't be ordering for a good bit, so just doing research right now.
  15. I'm growing some headband right now that has incredibly short internodal lengths. I'm very happy with it, and its a 60/40.
    What does it smell like during veg/flower?

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