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Recomendations allowing more than state laws

Discussion in 'Medical Marijuana Usage and Applications' started by ocitown, Aug 21, 2008.

  1. Since i use concentrates,oils and butters for most of my dosing i was allowed to grow more than the state law has set to meet my needs.Anyone else have an exclution to the law on their recomendations?It sure makes it easier to grow shorter,sooner and have vegging clones ready to flower sooner too.
  2. In California state law, you're allowed whatever amount your doctor recommends.
    If your doc doesn't specify on the recommendation, then you have to follow county guidelines.
    I'd suggest finding a doc who will write your rec for the amounts you may need.
  3. I did and im happy with my recs. 16 plants (which means in any stage of growth),just wondering how many others have these special needs.
  4. hey ocitown! im a medical grower and grow for a couple members of my family and my doc has alowed me to exceed the normal 6 or 12 to 25 in any stage of growth. But ever since SB 420 was ruled unconstitutional a few months back, im pretty sure the state cannot tell medical patients how many plants they can grow..(but i could be wrong)
  5. hhhmmmmmmmmmmmmmm........buterrrrrr!!!

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