Recomendation for bloom nutes?

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  1. So lay it on me, what bloom nutes you usin' this year?
    Peace and love:smoke:
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    Fox Farms - Big bloom and Tiger Bloom.

    I like fox farms for it is easy to follow the feeding chart. Ph the fert water before watering. Fox Farms as with most ferts drop the PH way down.
  3. Bat guano for me. A bag for 8 bucks, can't beat it. Fox farms is good if they are in pots, but if they are in the ground its bat guano all day.
  4. alright, thanks guys, my babies are all in buckets so im gonna grab some fox farms. mucho grassias amigo, happy growing
  5. top dress with ashes, bat guano, kelp, bone meal (or/and)...
    liquid feed molasses ( 1 TBS per gallon plain water)

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