Recomendated shops in Amsterdam?

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  1. I was wondering what caffe's, shops, and just neat places i should go to when i visit Amsterdam this summer. Going to go to europe to visit some friends, and since we were gonna be in europe, we figured we would make a stop in amsterdam for around a week before we come back to the states.

    If anyone can help me out on which shops have good priced bud, and what ones have the top quality shit as well. Also, which shops sell shrooms(i thought i remember reading wet shrooms are sold there)?

    Oh yeah, are there any sites or parks that are a must(or just damn sweet) to go see over there?

    any help would be appreciated, especially from people who have been there or live over there

    thanks in advance

  2. I think perhaps superjoint can help you with this, or any other Dutch blades.
  3. Here's an article by CC on Holland and Amsterdam:

    Holland still has about 900 cannabis coffee shops, but the number is dropping due to government policies.

    Most visitors embark from Amsterdam's famous Central Train Station, heading for Dam Square and the Van Gogh Museum. Along the way, they find touriest-oriented shops selling decent weed and hash.

    Experienced connoisseurs have favorite coffee shops, including Dampkring, Bluebird, Kadinsky1, Grasshopper1, Sensi Seeds, Dolphins, Amnesia, and Katsu. Avoid garish coffee shops like Bulldog and Greenhouse; avoid cannabis shops that serve alcohol.

    You can also purchase cannabis from "weed taxi" services (look for their advertising papers pasted on light poles), and through brothels.

    Visitors looking for shrooms, peyote, and similar products can visit "smart shops." I recommend Conscious Dreams and The Magic Mushroom Gallery.

    There's more to Holland than Amsterdam. In the historic town of Haarlem, less than half an hour from Amsterdam, visit the three Willie Wortels potshops, run by pot activist Nol Van Schaik.

    A great way to find quality Dutch shops is to purchase the coffee shop guide authored by Wernard Bruining. He created the country's first official coffee shop, Mellow Yellow, 23 years ago.

    _Authors, various. Publilshed in the magazine, "Cannabis Culture," issue no. 56, Auguest and September of 2005.

    Hope that helps.
  4. infiniteawesome: thanks for the help man, i really appreciate it

    looked into a few of them and the Katsu really caught my eye

    thanks again man


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