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Recomend a pure sativa strain?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Seeds Banks' started by the warlord, May 27, 2009.

  1. Can anyone recomend a pure sativa strain that is potent and can be grown INDOORS? Also the best place to get said variety? Any help is apreciated. Thanks.:)
  2. id say o.g kush, jus cuz its my personal fav. i think its pure sativa

    as far as ordering, theres many options. look at the link sticky'd to the top with all the top seed sites
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    GHS Hawaiian snow.Sativa takes too long to flower for me,but it's good if you have the patience.

  4. wtf does cbn mean?:confused:
  5. Diesel's are 100% sativa. Like was said by legalizeandgrow their is a great sticky i know worldwide-marijuana-seeds on (page 3 i think) has femd. Very distinct flavor it comes right from home NY. It smells like diesel fuel though so be carful - yet it is my favorite in the world.
  6. delta 9
    Mekong Haze

    Check them out like forreal forreal!!!!
  7. Ak-47, sour dies, train wreck
  8. Powerplant... fully inbred genetics... almsot every plant is identical... GREAT strain of sativa nd very EASY to grow...:wave::smoke:
  9. Well so far I've aquired Molakai frost (pure hawaiian landrace) and sativa queen along with some sativa dom hybrids st to try. Thanks for the input.
  10. Greenhouse seed co. has their Aryjans Haze #3.which is a full sativa crossed with an Indica just to shorten the plant height and flowering time..Check out their videos on Utube.I think this would be Ideal. :cool:

    It's gonna be one of my future grows for sure!!:bolt:

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