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Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by HuffyIsMyHero, May 23, 2006.

  1. Hey guys, recently i have decided to grow outdoors. After i germinated the plants i put them outside. I then came back to check on them and completely forgot where i plated them (keep in mind they were planted in like a forest). I think i have located them, as they were where i kinda remember planting them, in the same pattern. But they look like regular plants and don't seem to have grown that trademark potleaf yet. they are only about an inch tall, and have more rounded leaves, is this normal? akso, they have been in the ground for about three weeks and seem to have stopped growing, i think it's because of lack of light, so i moved some of the obscuring shrubbery. any advice/ pics of a brand new plant would be appreciated.
  2. It could be some cheeba, but after 3 weeks, the plant should have the larger leaves. By looking at some pics, I/someone else, might be able to help better.
    Mine are about 5 days old, and they have the recognizable leaves already, so I dunno really. If I went with my gut, I'd say they weren't bud plants. I have another plant that is about an inch tall, and it has the 4 leaves growing with the notches in it already.
  3. Just because its been 3 weeks does not mean they have been growing for 3 weeks... Germinating in regular outdoor soil outside takes alot longer because of the hardness of the soil the seedling can take a long time to pop out of the ground.. In addition the harder soil with a newborn seedlings will grow much slower.

    If they are in the same pattern as you planted them with rounded leaves thats most probably them, its not imparative they already have pot style fanleaves at 3 weeks. Seedlings grow fastest in loose soil.
  4. i germinated them using the papertowel method, and when the taproot came out of the seedlings, i planted. So the germinated seedlings have been in the ground for 3 weeks. Thank you guys and i am going to move them into a little more of a clearing as to get more sunlight, because right now i realized they have almost no sunlight. Appreciate your help and thanks for putting up with my first grow noobiness! lol

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