Reclaiming alcohol during QWISO extraction?

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  1. Anyone ever tried forcing the evaporated alcohol trough some kind of condensing coil to try and reclaim some of it? I already had some plans to build some sort of re-collector, but i figured i might just ask here first.

    I use 96.2% consumer alcohol which is not very cheap here, so I'm definitely interested in running such a setup.
  2. Yes, it's called an ISO II- invented in the 70's. They're not available anymore though there is a website that shows one. Sorry I don't know how to make one. Would this be called distilling?
    Check out the Coldfinger. Here's a link to a homemade one on YouTube- . The Coldfinger itself (Google it) is quite expensive. Good idea!
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  3. It's called isomerization. I wish they'd bring that machine back. I wonder how efficient they we're.

    :edit: Too early lol. I just noticed you mean the homemade one. I'll have to check it out.
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  4. Interesting video.

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  5. Interesting, but these machines use the re-condensing process to perform the actual extraction.

    What i mean is when you already have your filtered alcohol extract, and you pour it into a glass dish suspended in hot water to evaporate the alcohol off to get your shatter. Would you be able to put some kind of cover over the dish with a rubber seal and a hole on top on which you attach a plastic tube leading to a water cooled condenser coil so the alcohol can simply drip back into a bottle?
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  6. Yes, you can use a lid with a tube coiled in an ice bath to recover the alcohol as it converts from a vapor to a liquid. This is the same procedure as the condenser coil for making moonshine. The tube, coil, and end of the tube emitting the liquid alcohol has to be lower than the evaporating vessel.

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  7. Nice i'm definitely gonna try and build something like this, plenty of ductile copper pipe lying around here! Just need to think of a decent lid that can form a good seal and have a hose attached to it...

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