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Reclaim buildup only with banger?

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by PackersFTW, Sep 4, 2017.

  1. New to dabs, first started with a 4mm banger in a 1 foot single tree perc beaker bong. Lots of reclaim. Especially down the banger's tube/joint, definitely could just reach in there with a dab tool and scrape the honey off it, tasted fine dabbing it again. But it was odd to me because unlike herb bowls, the hole is above where you're burning/melting, not below, so how is it getting in there so heavy? *shrug*

    Then I got a small simple rig, and along with it a daisy style nail. Now this nail is about 1mm thick, so I have to drop the dab within 5 seconds of getting it red. But the thing is, no reclaim! 95% less than with the banger. The potential for reclaim seems significantly greater on the daisy nail, as it just gets sucked in on all sides and goes straight down. But it ends up producing none, while banger is sucking shit down. WTF?

    I hope the cone banger I ordered can hold heat longer than the daisy while not doing whatever the hell it is that causes reclaim with a traditional banger.
  2. I recently bought an enail from Amazon at a reasonable price. I can set it any temperature. 500- 600F for low temp dabs and hotter if needed. I'm getting less reclaim in my bong. Hope your new banger works out for you. Have a good Labor Day!
  3. You will get less reclaim if you heat the neck of your banger a little.

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