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Reckless things you've done when you overestimated how much weed you had

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by YouLikeItRough, Aug 9, 2011.

  1. What horrible things have happened to you?
  2. I dont get it.
  3. The fuck is this?!:cool:
  4. ugh once when i was in highschool i bought a zone and smoked it with my buddy all in 1 day... the next day he bought a zone and got super high again. not very reckless but enjoyable
  5. LOL, kind of funny to see all the scatterbrained high members posting whatever crosses their mind at any given moment.

    And to answer your question, can't really think of anything. I guess maybe when I was younger, I'd get super high before work, then I'd regret it when it was busy and all I could do was laugh because of how stoned I was.

    Nothing "reckless".
  6. Um I guess smoking all my weed
    At a party without saving a j to smoke in da morning for wake n bake
  7. Well then, kindly explain what in the blue hell he is asking then. Thank you.:cool:
  8. He's basically asking... "Have you ever smoked too much weed, and then had to go and do something, but you were too high (or didn't realize how high you were), and as an end result, what happened, something bad/etc?"

    I think.
  9. I'm pretty sure the only answer to the topic is smoked it all. Or gave it away? Maybe sold it and didn't have anything left to smoke?
  10. nothing really...weed does not make me wreck-less...on the contrary it does the opposite....the only thing is maybe smoke a bit too much and then have to go a few hours without anything to smoke while i got another sac....bout as wreck-less as it gets for me.
  11. Really? So, what you're saying here is that when I recklessly overestimated my stash...He is asking what horrible thing happened?

    I still don't fuckin' get it.:cool:
  12. ^^ That is totally not what i meant
  13. I mean the most wasteful things you've done
  14. Then what do you mean ?
  15. Well I thought he meant, have you ever had to do something (go to class, go driving somewhere, go to a job interview, etc) and smoked too much weed, and then did something stupid because you didn't intend on getting that high?

    I dunno anymore.
  16. Don't worry, I still don't know.:cool:
  17. You're question is misleading...But to answer it, I rolled through an ounce and raped a small village.:cool:
  18. First time i smoked....i drove home had no idea where the fuck i was going at first haha i was the only car on the street and had to turn the music off because i was tripping bad idea dont smoke and drive haha
  19. 2 years back I smoke a little too much before class (1st pd) And everything my teacher was saying was so dam funny I couldn't stop laughing. She thought i was messing with students because of my laughing and sent me out of the room. Idk how I got an "A" in that class lol.
  20. I think he means: Reckless things you've done when you underestimated how much weed you had"

    You got higher then intended, then you did something reckless???

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