recirculating question - bubble buckets

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  1. if i'm trying to run 4 x 5gallon bubble buckets
    what kind of water pump would i need in my res
    to recirculate properly?
  2. I try to stick to a setup that changes out the buckets at least every 2 minutes (mine are closer to every minute). A good way to figure out what size pump you need is to take the capacity of the buckets (3.5 gal of solution in each * 4 buckets = 14 gal) * 60 / 2 = 420gph pump for a changeout every 2 minutes. double that for once a minute.
  3. I use an eco 185 as reccomended in budslingers sticky. You just need constant water movement to keep your solution moving.
  4. That seems like overkill. I use a 100gph pump with 8 buckets to my rez. It's just enough to keep my plants happy
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    That overkill means i can run my res right up into 80*+ temps with no issues of slime. Faster circulation feeding from the top keeps the water churning. You ever heard the survival advice about not drinking stagnant or slow moving water?

    I suppose you wouldn't be aware of that considering that you were posting questions about your first rdwc setup you wanted to build only a month ago....
  6. whoa... shot gun to the face:(
  7. Yes that would need return lines and a inline pump

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