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  1. Hey grass city gang!!! I have been off for a little while because life gets busy.. I'm back now and looking to set up a recirculating dwc with the undercurrent style setup. The questions I have are
    1. What size is good for the solid pvc pipe for the bottom? I was thinking 3 in but saw some say 1.5
    Does anyone have the size of the actual current culter system?
    2. where do I set up a chiller in the system?
    3. Size of flexible/rubber line that runs back to the pump and control bucket?

    I will set up a thread once I get some stuff ordered and start building. So be looking out for that in a few weeks :)
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  2. heya popcorn, happy new year bro.

    I don't run RDWC, well, kinda, but anyhow, u should check to see the chiller res I built. Works good, but I can get it a lil better.
    Bato of the Systems
    I'm not running any other chiller. Need to try to get a plastic heat exchanger, that would be nice, but whatever for now.
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  3. 3 inch baskets using clay balls
    Depends on size and how well insulated your grow containers plumbing and reservoir are in order to figure out size of chiller . I use a old refrigerator converted into chiller.
    Square buckets and plastic bulkhead fittings seal up the easiest.
    I prefer some kind flexible tubing, do not use brass copper fittings, keep it plastic tubing/fitting .
    I would be tempted to design and make a Aeroponic system instead of a RDWC system .
    Biggest issue with RDWC or aeroponic systems are if you have height limitations.
    You want to keep the plants base as close to the floor as possible.
    Grow container naturally drains into a reservoir that has x amount inches of water in it, which means elevating the bottom of the grow container above the highest water level in the reservoir or installing a drain pump from grow container to reservoir.
    Hope this helps
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  4. Bro that is an interesting setup. You are basically running a chilled watering reservoir correct? Like your system you built holds your nute water and delivers it to your potted plants above? I love the 2 high dollar meters sitting in the res hahaha thanks for being one of the hommies on here I can always count on to chat it up with :)
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  5. correct. I was going to update the TECs by replacing with some more modern ones, but the res maintains <20°C, so why bother. They are not so hard to build and contain everything needed.
    My next model will rearrange the drains and feeds, and maybe add some rocker switches for the different functions.
    Hey, I saw a cool res ...
    u might want to look it up (GSC Technologies) It would make for a nice res in your system; maybe I'd add some foam. I like the idea of using coolers to build this kind of stuff because its insulated and more efficient.
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  6. 20 gallons 20 bucks Walmart 20190424_083947 (1).jpg
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  7. 1 - Current Culture uses 2" - you could certainly use bigger but it really doesn't make any difference.1.5" would be fine too.
    2 - you should use the chiller in your "base module" or main reservoir tank. Wrap everything in insulating foil (all pipes and grow modules) - because with everything being cooler that the room, it'll get condensation on everything.
    3 - current culture uses a 3/4" return line. I'd stick with that. Most pumps use a 3/4" input, so a bigger line would be reduced here anyhow, so there no sense in a bigger line. They also use a 350 gal/hr pump

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