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  1. Hi folks.
    I'm setting up a new system. Heres my list of hardware:

    4x 5 gallon buckets (each with its own 5" round airstones)
    One 68l rubbermaid tote as res.
    One GH dual diaphram 4 port air pump
    One small water pump (unsure of its gph)
    One switchable 1000w ballast (mh and hps)
    Large 9x9 grow area
    Air conditioner

    The setup:
    Rubbermaid will be in the middle of my buckets. Each bucket has an airstone with a top drip system from the res. Ive added overflow hoses from each bucket at 1" below my netpots and will flow back to the res when the water reaches that point. This should be frequent as my water pump will be running 24/7.

    Each bucket will house newly rooted seedlings after they have developed at least 2 nodes under flo's.

    Heres the question. Each bucket will be filled with gh 2 part system (via lucas method).
    What should i fill the res with? Should i keep the same strength nutes, dilute it, make it stronger?
    Ill b switching to flower when they are about 12" tall or so.. heres what i was thinking.. if i add some plain ph water (5.6) to the res, it should , by the time the switch to flower is made, already in essence flush the grow nutes prior to adding my flower mix?

    Ideas? Suggestions?
    Thanks =)
  2. Just use water, r/o or distilled.

    Consider adding a chiller....
  3. Looking into building a similar system but I was going to connect all the buckets (including control bucket) at the bottom probably a 1/2" from bottom. Air stones would be the same but just using gravity to keep the level of all the buckets the same as the control bucket(rather than overflow method). PH and adjust nutes in the control bucket only. I was looking into getting a 1/2 HP chiller for 9 buckets + 1 control. Those damn things are expensive though! I heard it works wonders to help fight clogging and build-up.
  4. Chillers don't do shit for clogging or build up.

    What they are great at (as a side benefit!) is that they eliminate algae and the chance for root rot.
  5. Algae doesn't clog?
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    Algae usually floats at the top of the res, however I suppose it could clog.

    Dumb ass answer/comment as you won't have any algae to clog up anything if you have the chiller set at a temp that prevents it from growing.

    Furthermore, if you wanted to be helpful, you would point out that a chiller will actually cause more sediment because the cold water will not dissolve as much.
  7. Thanks for the replies folks...
    I will fill my res with distilled water.. Dont have any access to RO :/

    ... I was debating the gravity VS drip/overflow for quite some time.. The benefits to drip/overflow (as I see it) is that the water level in my buckets will NEVER fluctuate unless my res. runs dry or my water pump takes a dump.. Whereas the gravity method requires you to maintain the water level in the res. consistently.. Though the downfall is flushing.. I will need to pump water from each bucket.. I will be installing bottom drain fittings for easy flushing in due time;)
    Though I will not be adding a chiller, my res. is covered and my air conditioner passes over it.. Ive grown DWC/Hydro for 10+ years and though Ive seen some algae, none enough to do any real damage to my ladies..
    BTW I will be growing White Russians and some Hybrids I made with WR, Shark Shock and Orange Bud..
    Ive had these ladies for 6 years (moms)

    Thanks for the help guys!=)

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