recipes for food on cuts?

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  1. I'm pretty lazy and unhealthy while stoned. Anyone know of some easy to make, not time consuming, filling and high in protein yet low cal meals?
  2. Put a piece of chicken breast or other meat on a george foreman
    Put frozen vegetables in a bowl. Add water. Put in microwave. Drain water.
    Put whole wheat pasta in boiling water.

    In 15 minutes you have your meal. You can have a ton of spices and make a lot of servings to eat later.

  3. This. You can change the pasta up sometimes too. Quinoa is pretty awesome if you flavor it right

    I love those Mrs. Dash seasonings from the store. They have like 30 flavors and they're all awesome. You could have a different tasting protein every night for like 2 weeks if you got all the flavors

    Or of course just experiment with herbs and spices. Nobody likes bland food

  4. you forgot #4; open can of tuna.

    i cant give you anymore rep lulz
  5. so it depends what you mean by quick and easy. are you talking about hand food snacks or are you talking about larger meals?

    so good snacks:
    -fiber one bars (can cause ya to be a bit gassy and stomach stuff for the first while)
    -cheese(cheddar, brie, havarti w/ dill, etc), ham, and whole wheat crackers (wheat-thins are good)--home made lunchables
    -greek yogurt
    -fruit and berries (berries a bit expensive but really good as a desert, especially if you add whipped cream)
    -raw vegetables(carrots are good here) + hummus
    -whole wheat bread + olive oil mixed with some garlic flakes and other spices lying around
    -peanut butter on whole wheat toast or on celery
    -nuts(almonds, peanuts, pistachios, etc) avoid super fatty nuts like cashews and macadamian)
    -vegetable juice
    -protein shake

    -box of mac and cheese combined with whole wheat noodles bought separately. getting rid of the noodles that normally come with the package and using whole wheat really increases the protein and fiber
    -whole wheat pasta with and olive oil and chicken sauce. to make simply boil water and add ur favorite pasta. then in a separate pan, add olive oil to be coat bottom of the pan, add 2 tbs of butter, add garlic and onion powder/flakes/fresh, cook for 1-2 minutes. then add mushrooms, and any other chopped veggies(just make sure veggies are roughly all the same size so they cook evenly), then add some pre-cooked and sliced chicken breast--you can find this at ur local supermarket. cook for another 2-4 minutes. of course you can add raw chicken, you'll just have to make sure it cooks all the way through. takes about 10-20 minutes depending upon prep work and stuff.
    -lentil soups are great as both meals and snacks (tons of protein and fiber)
    -if you have a rice cooker, nothin's easier than brown rice. then you can just pan fry ur favorite meat and go.

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