recipe to madness

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  1. ok so im usually a ganja man myself, but yesterday i decided to go crazy

    Recipe to madness

    4 grams of cocaine
    3/4 of an ounce of marijuana
    60 mg's of ritalin
    a bottle of aged cuervo
    a girlfriend(boyfriend)
    a 2 gram bowl

    take a nice big nummy (numby) of coke, to get ur throat nice and numb. Smoke the marijuana with ur gf(bf), all of it, make sure she had a numby shot too. Now that ur baked, eat some food, u know u wanna. After a lil time has passed go into the coke, a gram each, u and ur gf(bf) should do. Then when ur hearts good and pumping, body shots of cuervo are deffinetly needed. Now that things are getting sexual, go at it, and u know ur gonna wanna add those two remaining grams of coke into the sex, it looks so hot!
  2. you want a real recipie for madness?

    eat a 1/4th of shrooms and drop some cid along with it.....:rolleyes: , i think my recipie will provide more madness than yours....:p
  3. If you split four grams of blow between two people, you'll both end up in the hospital...I think. Cuz I heard about a girl who did a little under two grams and almost died. So combine the coke with everything else and it's probably way too much.
  4. Well it sounds like he did it...sooo...guess not, eh?
  5. he probably gets shitty coke.
  6. Or flour :O

  7. i rarely do coke, and i did .4-.5 yesterday and i was fucked up for a while.

    i highly doubt i could put 2g of coke into my nostrils in one night. and i don't think i would want to.

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