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Recipe for actually good-tasting, fast easy ABV tincture

Discussion in 'Weed Edibles' started by aloe-sarah, Feb 22, 2015.

  1. Hey All,
    So I've tried a couple of ABV tincture recipes that involve grain alcohol or similarly crazy-high proof booze, and they have all tasted terrible and stung my tender little tongue when taken sub-lingually (under the tongue). 
    I finished this one today and it tastes great. Here's what I did:
    You will need:
    (yields about an ounce of tincture)
    - ABV
    - Tea bag
    - Orange extract (It can be any flavored extract, but you need one with more than 85% alcohol (orange was 89%))
    - Vegetable glycerin (bought on amazon, ~$5 for 4 ounces, you need ~1/2 ounce)
    - Stove, pot, and jar
    - Something to store the finished tincture (I used an eyedropper bottle)
    - Emptied out a teabag, replaced the tea with 2 grams of ABV, and stapled it back up.
    - Put the ABV bag in a cup with 2 oz orange extract. Let it sit for 3 days (or more, but don't let it evaporate all the way. Alcohol has the tendency to do this)
    - After 3 days the previously clear liquid was opaque and black
    - Poured it into a heat-safe jar, put it in a pot of water, and boiled (being very careful, alcohol is super flammable and can fuck you up if it boils over onto the flame)
    - Boiled for about 45 minutes until it was reduced to probably less than a teaspoon in volume
    - Added to the reduced concentrate 3 tsp vegetable glycerin, stirred well
    - Poured into my eyedropper bottle and added 2 tsp water (the glycerin is super sweet & viscous) 
    After I made it i took 3 drops under my tongue and started to feel a medium-strength buzz after about 40 minutes. I will definitely take more next time, but it definitely works. It tastes like sweet tingly orange.   :)
    (the same recipe with pictures can be found here)
    side-note: I tried this before on a hotplate with improper pot and jar equipment and the alcohol ended up boiling over and hitting the heating element and bursting into flames. My friend burned his hand really badly and I almost set my room on fire. Please use proper safety precautions: oven mitt, water on hand, wider pot is better to catch overspill from hitting the heat)

  2. What is ABV? If anyone was asking me, I'd say all abbreviations should be written out the first time written because not everyone knows them.

    My 94 year old step dad is dying of lung cancer. He likes to drink, so I'm making a tincture with 151 Bacardi. My plan is to have him drop a certain amount of drops in a shot glass with warm water and have him drink it right before he goes to bed.

    I think the taste of the booze will offer him comfort. And the cannabis extract will offer him enough relief that he'll be able sleep a few hours.

    Any suggestions?
  3. Yes. Find a stickey thread above here called Another Tincture thread....

    Follow the instructions there.

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