recipe conversions to ppm?

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  1. Every recipe for the nutrients i have are just fractions.. and are not making sense to me. Can someone point me in the right direction? Ideally, a full nutrient schedule in ppms. I will be using ro water and pro grow.i have to mess with seperate 5 gallon buckets..
  2. G'day fif3l. Fractions?
    I think you mean the measurements are in EC units rather than ppm. The conversion factor varies depending on the type of meter. In the US, I think the Hanna scale is most common.
    The Hanna conversion factor is 500. ie. ppm = EC(in mS/cm) x 500, so an EC of 1.2 would be 600ppm.
    I assume your meter isn't switchable between EC and ppm. I'm not sure how you could determine the conversion factor, unless it's mentioned in your meter's literature.
    Aside from Hanna at 500, some meters use either 640 or 700 as a conversion factor.
  3. Whoah. You just blew my mind sir. Dude at the grow store said to measure the selectednutrients mixed in a one gallon jug,measure the ppms and adjust each dwc bucket according to those measurements. As for the fractions,!im referring to the label feeding suggestions (i.e. 7.5 ml/ gal). My meter doesnt change measurement types, it only measures ppms. Grow store advice seems logical, and it doesnt seem to hurt my plants. My overall ppms are around 650 and thats w/ the calmag and liquid k. Thank you for your help. :)
  4. Well, 'fractions' could have meant anything. Fractions of a millilitre shouldn't be a problem. I naturally assumed you were talking about EC.
    For accurate measurement of small amounts, I use a syringe.

    (My keyboard is trying to drop 'l's and 's's. Have to hammer it.)
  5. syringe is definitly the way to go. thanks for the heads up!

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