recieved a check from someone on craigslist.

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  1. ok here is the deal.. i know someone who just recieved a 4000 dollar check from someone on craigslist.. the post was for a cleaning job homemaker.. going grocery shopping cleaning the house while the owner of it goes on vacation.. the guy says his wife is pregnant and they need help around the house.. sounds legit.. emails have been sent around.. and then now without even meeting the guy he sends him a 4000 dollar check and tells him to deposit it into his account.. my question is is this a scam.. is this guy trying to launder money? because you just dont send random people money all the guy has is his address.. and now my friend has this check.. should he cash it or not.. the check looks legit.. the guy from cl told him to take his first 2 weeks pay from it which is 500 a week.. and grocery shopping etc with the rest.... something feels wrong to me gc..
  2. Sounds pretty legit to me... in the scam department. I personally would have to at the very least meet somebody before giving them $4,000 to deposit.
  3. I wopuld have your friend keep the emails just in case the guy tries to say he is writing bad checks. I don't think he could launder money because the dude would ahve no way of getting into his account. and don't let your friend go to the house by himself. Just make sure it looks straight
  4. Sounds like a scam. Tell him to go meet the guy.. Just have him say "I just wanted to meet you and make sure this was all legit. I didn't feel right cashing a check for $4000 from someone I haven't met" The guy shouldn't have a problem with it, if it isn't a scam.
  5. I GOT A CHECK TOO from craigslist. THIS HAPPENED TO ME. It's gotta be 100% fraudulent man. Seriously. It's a check scam. They want you to cash it and use it so the bad check cashing would be on YOU. Look like the real thing though. Mine even had security watermarks on it. BACK AWAY. Discard it. I thought about reporting mine but then i was like "Ehh...." and tossed it into the garbage. Its a scam.

    Google it. Thats what i did. I cant remember the sites that i found. each craigslist story is a little different than the last, so you're bound to hear tons of different variations.

    hope this maybe helped?

  6. lol Would you trust someone you dont even know with $4,000?

  7. My sister recieved a check also but it was a different story that was told. They said they could not deposit the check into their own account because some thing about the tax system. It was a legit Check with security marks and everything but the only thing off was that it came from some state but the recepient on the check was from another state. Whoever sent that check also never met with us. They want you to deposit the check into your account and spend the money on them. Once a couple of days go by, the bank is going to deny the check because it is a bullshit one and they're going to charge YOU every single dime till they get all their money. Deffinnetly a scam, do NOT deposit that, tear it up and throw it away.
  8. Sounds like a scam. They wouldnt tell you to deposit it I dont think if its real , theyd be like here ya go. I got a 3,200 dollar check from some place I never heard of . The check looked real and I took it to my bank and had tto wait like 5 days after to make sure it was real, but I still withdrew $100. Now I owe the bank a little more than $300 and my account was cancelled. Dosnt sound good.
  9. Definitely a scam.

    Remember a check isn't money, it's just a piece of paper.
  10. Scam for sure. Watch yourself on CL
  11. hi my name is james mararina. i am from nicaragua and i have came upon an unfortunate situation. i am unable to cash checks in the banks in this country due to citizenship. i have 1 million dollars, if you just send me enough money to open the account.

    idk how many emails ive gotten like this. if it sounds sketchy it probably is sketchy
  12. ^^I got that one before haha. Its a scam tear it up and use it as heat for this cold weather.
  13. I KNEW IT..... he didnt cash it he tried but every check cashing place he went to didnt want to except it.. the check looks super legit .. water marks and everything.. the check came in the mail just the check nothing else.. the envelope had an out of country stamp on it.. definitely a scam
  14. This is easy...just go to your bank and explain that you have this check and you don't exactly trust the person who gave it to you. Ask them to verify that it is a good check before you cash it. It's most likely a scam. There are the work from home scams and "secret shopper" scams that use bad checks to fool you into spending your own money. Not quite clear on what you're receiving the $4000 for but just be honest with your bank and let them tell you whether it's good or bad before you get into trouble with it. Then don't spend a cent on anything until you have cold hard cash in your hands.

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