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Recently started buying my own weed

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by MenacingVisage, Nov 15, 2011.

  1. Yes, finally, after so many nights being high with friends being jaded that I couldn't choose my own music or just play a single player video game all stoned and immersed, I decided to buy my first pipe and ganj.

    And so I'm packing my own bowls for a first and learning and i've obviously got quite a few questions, some of them related, some of them kind of random, but oh well.

    Packing personal bowls...
    Should I just stick each bowl sized nug into the bowl and hit it? Should I break it up into pieces? What are the benefits of breaking it up? Guidelines, what is ideal? etc.

    Occasionally, I smoke and I see the bowl is cherry, I feel the hot air burning my throat and I inhale for as long as I can but when I go to exhale, no smoke comes out? I don't feel that i'm doing anything different than other times that I do hit and get smoke. Anyone else get this? Am I getting any smoke? What's going on? And I'm familiar with how it looks when I hold a hit in for a long time and it sort of comes out diminished and more misty than smokey and it's definitely not like that, it's more like a hit that simply disappears inside of me and I can definitely feel the hot air in my throat to know something is going in.

    For personal use,
    is it better to pack half-bowls/little pinches of weed each time, or full bowls?
  2. 1. Definitely break it up! More surface area is always better!
    2. Does this happen when you are with your friends too?
    3. It all depends on how fast you want to get high I suppose
  3. for packing, breaking it up...helps it burn better

    for the cherry thing...I think you're just breathing in more air rather than smoke, this could be due to the bowl being clogged...other than that I don't know haha

    personal use...I'll pack a full bowl and after my hit I sufficate the bowl so it goes out and I don't lose the smoke, but little pinches would work hitters are good for that

    also: experiment...that's the best way to learn anything ;)
  4. Just pack small bowls so you can work up to a nice high, not too much at once. :bongin:
  5. It burns better when you break your bud up. Hm about the inhaling, im not really sure cause I always look like a dragon when I exhale XD but you shouldnt hold in your hits for a long time its just bad for your lungs. 5 seconds is more then enough time really only 2-3. I pack full bowls but thats because I know im going to smoke all of it. so the real answer is pack how much you want to smoke
  6. Congrats! Smoking alone is a whole nother high when your...well high. Just don't over do it. Smoke to enjoy not to escape.
    I prefer to break up the nug as it gives more surface area to burn and therefore more smoke.
    Breaking up the nug should solve your problem. I have smoke plenty of bowls that have cherried but don't hit right bc of the way it was packed. Perhaps invest in a cheap 2 piece grinder to start

  7. Congrats on starting to buy your own. Always a big step for an inexperienced/new smoker... and if you haven't bought your own weed/had your own stash, I still consider you inexperienced.

    Packing your bowl - yes... you need to break up your weed. You don't have to get a grinder, but at least break up the weed. If you break it up, the bowl will hit smoother, and you'll get more even hits and and a more enoyable toke.

    I prefer full packed bowls myself. I find just putting in a pinch of weed burns too quick and isn't enough to even give me the type of hit I want. But if you're new/dont have much tolerance, a 1/2 bowl/a little bit of weed in the bowl might be okay for you. Also if you don't have a ton of weed, packing smaller bowls will help you conserve more.
  8. #8 Nhan420, Nov 15, 2011
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    Break up your green, burns much more evenly. And i would be willing to bet that your problem with not getting smoke is bEcause you arent putting your finger over the carb while you hit it. You hold it till you 80% done with your hit then let go off it to clear the pipe of smoke.

    Carb is hole on the side of the bOwl just fyi.
  9. Also I prefer to take 'snaps' or pack single hits and keep repacking. I like it because I get a green hit every time but I'm am usually too lazy and just pack huge bowls
  10. Usually if I have the same problem, it means the bowl ain't packed tight enough.

  11. why does it matter if someone is inexperienced??
  12. I bought a grinder. Great investment. Mulls the weed up really finely, so it burns through evenly, leaves no wastage etc.
    I usually pack smallish cones when I'm toking by myself, and just smoke as many of them as I need. That way I can sink them with ease and not have to worry about coughing etc.
    And like Nhan said, you might not be covering the carb (if there is one). It's just a hole that's used for letting fresh air through the pipe/bong to clear out the chamber of smoke after you've hit it. Keep it covered until your piece has the amount of smoke you wanna take in it, and then uncover and take it into your lungs.

    Another tip for rookies, is always clear the bong of smoke when you're done (when you're with friends or otherwise). The smoke goes gross and stale pretty quick and it's also considered poor ettiquette to pass a bong that's full of smoke/has a bowl of mostly ash to someone else (also known as getting someone to wipe your arse).

  13. It doesn't, I said it as a reference to my CONGRATS on him buying his first sack.
  14. Does your pipe have a coke? If so are you holing it? If not that can explain why your not really blowing out smoke!
  15. The reason you are getting a cherry but no smoke, is because the pipe is probably out of smoke able material. What you are hitting is ashes, Next time this occurs, knock all the weed/ash onto a table or something, and check if its ash, or weed. If its weed, pack it back in the bowl! Hope it helped :D

  16. What do you mean suffocate the bowl?
    Is there a way to stop a cherry from burning so you don't waste it while taking a breather/having a drink?
  17. I think you might be forgetting to clear the hit...
    And I like to pack half bowls for myself you waste less weed between hits because there isn't as much and you get to control the level of your high more easilky
  18. #18 MenacingVisage, Nov 18, 2011
    Last edited by a moderator: Nov 18, 2011
    Also, No, I had my finger on the carb and I know how to clear it and etc, i've been smoking for about a year now, just not buying my own pipe or weed til recently. And i'm starting to get more curious now about the science behind smoking weed. lol
  19. [quote name='"MenacingVisage"']

    What do you mean suffocate the bowl?
    Is there a way to stop a cherry from burning so you don't waste it while taking a breather/having a drink?[/quote]

    I usually just put my hand completly over the bowl to extinguish it or cover with something that won't let any smoke out. This is what I do whenever I smoke a bowl alone
  20. when you guys smoke on your own do you do it before you go about daily activities? I know its off topic, but toking on my own has kind of opened up new possibilities... I no longer see smoking as an "activity" but more as a state of being, one that I can engage before I interact with other people, do mundane hw, etc.

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