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Discussion in 'Vaporizers' started by OG chronic, Oct 29, 2014.

  1. Hey guys,
    I recently bought the Atmos rx and wasn't impressed with it when it did work. When it had a full charge, i brought it to the park with me to try it with a few friends and disappointed us when the battery was gone in about 10 minutes of trying to use it. it is very fiddly and all over not a positive experience over all. The included mouthpiece tasted like rubber with ruined the taste. I am going to build my own vaporiser now and have ordered the parts of amazon. Due to the quality of these parts I can only assume that the vaporiser is going to work quite well. But I'll let you guys know how well it performs tomorrow when it arrives. 
    If you want to check out the parts I have purchased feel free to follow the links below but I would not suggest ordering them until I have updated you all with my feedback and I will review them put together. 
    The tank I purchased was the:  Cloutank M3 Dry Herb and Oil Vaporizer attachment 
    And the battery I purchased was the : Aspire CF VV Battery 1300mAh
    Combined price of: £37.98
    I'll update you tomorrow on how that works. 
    Thanks guys,
    OG Chronic  :bongin:

  2. Cloutank dry herb tanks do not actually vaporize.
  3. it won't work bad for solid concentrates I guess :shrug:
  4. Hope your not thinking that you'll have a dry herb vape after all that, as you won't I'm afraid.
  5. The atmos and your Frankenstein pen are virtually the same. Neither are true dry herb vapes...

    Basically you built another atmos with a different chamber....

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  6. Hey guys, yeah sorry for the long reply, it didn't vape the mj but was a nice tool to have instead of having to roll or use a pipe ect. I purchased the isweed hatchup but shipping to the uk was a pain and I would have had to pay an extra £23 for customs fees. Does anyone know of a vape pen that will work? Thanks
    OG chronic [​IMG]
  7. T-Vape is the only Vape Pen that is said to work. I would avoid any other pen at all cost if you plan to vaporize dry herb.

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    Reports are coming in over at FC that the Imag will do dry herbs as well.
  9. I really gotta check FC out. I don't even vape no more but I like to keep updated on this kind of stuff. Thanks for the info lwein

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  10. I have discovered the world of portable vaporisers and have discovered that they are much better than pens and some are on par with desktop vaporisers. If anyone here has used the Pax 1 or Pax 2, and the Mighty vaporiser. And the firefly. Please say what you think of them and whether they are worth the purchase. 
    OG chronic  :bongin:
  11. mighty is definitely worth the purchase. Best vape imo that will easily convert a smoker to vaporizing.

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