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    i've been thinking alot, and finally decided that this coming year of school will be my last. i am going to attempt to simplify my life. im going to basically backpack across the country. But from there i dont know. for the past 5 or 6 years i've abused the shit out of my lifestyle. i've become the exact person i resented 6 or 7 years ago. and i hate to say it but i blame the precious herbs a little bit. but society to the fullest. smoking has become too much of a lifestyle for me and i dont want to continue to spend 90 to 100 bucks on buds a week. plus ive become way too dependent on it. i'm a very habitual person which does not help what so ever.

    suggestions?: im goin for either the appalanchain trail or the john muir trail. (upstate ny so appalanchain is more convenient.) but i also considered taking the appalanchain then booking a flight to california to hit the john muir. im sure ill just want to go home at that point though. lol
  2. Sounds like you're not happy with your current life. Sorry man, happens to us all at one point. But 100$ of weed a week? Dang man, this summer I spent like 30$ every few weeks.

    If going on a hike for a month or two solves a lot of problems, gets your system clean, etc... do it :)

    And all those big dreams and big words
    Didn't get me far.
    Did they get you far?
  3. aaahhh love to hike..
  4. Appalachian trail deffinatly man. I grew up there and it's some very pretty scenery. The views are magical.

  5. not to the point of depression. i made a post the other week about quitting smoking buds due to that 100 a week bullshit ha i was smoking every 3 hours, unless i was working. but it was really easy to quit, you just have to actually want it enough to accept your sleeping pattern w. change a little same w. appetite but its no biggie at all. i've just been focusing my time on lifting, and going out. i found that bud helped me be even more anti social than i already was. ( used to be a real shy person).

    anyways, i'm just sick of how the "intelligent" men/women in charge of our country manipulate everything for their personal benefit( election campaigns, 2 main party candidates, propaganda, etc, i wish we did campaigns like they do in some European countries how a percentage of public who vote for a party gets that percentage of votes in the senate or w.e. lol its been a while if that's not exactly how it works. but c'mon pick evil or lesser evil doesn't work. ) i feel like i would be much happier knowing that im not condoning this behavior by accepting "my" role in society. granted i love studying science i kind of just want a degree to go out and learn on my own instead of try and make the rivers which those dirty cooperations' dumped chemicals into to save money. i would rather study animal behavior in the wild such as i do as a "hunter" in a tree stand( never shot at anything, had a couple good opportunities).

    i just believe as a whole we as the public have accepted too many significant, often purposely hidden negative aspects of our "leaders" due to them supplying us a simple job. which w.o. them wouldn't be neccessary. i believe i found what i want in life and its just not what society wants from me. which is ok, but it just means i wont be able to stand living in this country for much longer. (cousin moved to around kenya and built a house on a narrow river farming and trading for supplies. this is the type of live i hope to live)

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