Recent UK video of House of Commons debate on Cannabis

Discussion in 'Marijuana News' started by green89, May 11, 2011.

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    Watch this, comment on it, spread it around so everyone can see how ignorant and pathetic the Home Office's misguided perception of cannabis is.
  2. they dont mind cheating and lying or robbing us blind with fuel taxes etc....fucking arseholes make me wanna puke...............especially that ignorant back-bencher putting his ill informed 2 penny`s worth in.....wot a dick !!!! its enough to make you cry :cry:
  3. Wow, talk about contradicting yourself

    "cannabis in it's raw form has no medicinal purposes"

    But according to him their own man-made sativa-x is fine to be purchased...

    And I thought the tories had some sense...
  4. Fucking wankers in their ivory towers, don't know shite about anything.
  5. I just hate how misinformed the whole UK is, even a lot of my stoner friends think cannabis is just as bad for tobacco etc.
    And they're so hard to convince otherwise and blame all their problems on it...WE're so far behind Canada/America in terms of legalisation and we've got Holland, Spain and Portugal right on our doorstep
  6. The whole drugs debate in this country is absolutely insane. We've got advisers to the government being sacked after giving their honest opinion; that cannabis should at the very least be decriminalized, if not fully legalized. They hire these people based on their vast experience and knowledge, but when they give their honest opinion they get a kick out the door.

    We should legalize everything and be done with it. Stop this ridiculous culture of punishing people for doing what THEY want to do with THEIR own body.

    But we're not going to go anywhere fast with this corrupt and power mad conservative government. A vote for the conservative party is a vote for the pharmaceutical, banking and military industries that have utterly bought them out.

  7. So you'd rather have Clegg or Miliband...?
  8. Amazingly yes. In this case they would be the lesser of two evils. Even though Clegg is a lying prick and Miliband is a groveling tool. But at least they're not AS corrupt as the conservatives.
  9. At least Cameron vaguely sticks to his principles and core ideology, Clegg and Miliband will literally do anything to get the vaguest bit of power. I genuinely think Ed Miliband is the slimiest person alive.

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