Recent Sleep Troubles...thoughts or suggestions?

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  1. So recently I've been having alot of trouble getting to sleep, and staying asleep. I normally smoke before bed, and crash right out. But lately, regardless of wether or not I blaze, it just takes forever to fall asleep. And then When I do get to sleep, I wake up alot, and have trouble getting back to sleep. Any ideas on how I can stop this, or what's causing it?
  2. you know, for me at least. i feel like i fall asleep faster if im watching TV or something. Try just smoking a quick bowl poppin in a movie thats OK, not too good or you will watch it haha. and see if you fall asleep.
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    If I have a lot on my mind it'll take me a few hours to fall asleep. Try some over the counter sleeping pills. Are you drinking soda or anything with caffeine before bed? That doesn't help either. Try taking a hot bath or reading a book before bed.
  4. watch some opera
  5. Try getting on a regular sleeping schedule. Go to bed and wake up at the same time every day (or at least close to the same time). Try getting some exercise during the day, that might help as well.
  6. pop a target brand sleeping pill like 45 mins before you go to sleep, they knock me the fuck out
  7. Go to the pharmacy and get some melatonin. It's around where all the vitamins and stuff are.

  8. Melatonin: A natural brain chemical produced when it gets dark for the purpose of dragging your mind in to sleep. If you're in bed trying to sleep, this should help you on your way. You may have slightly more intense dreams than usual, and give yourself a full nights sleep. You will find it at most grocery stores, pharmacies, health food places.

    Valerian Root: An herb that is sold in pill or liquid form. This will make you sleep solidly. I usually get intense dreams when I take Valerian Root, but they're usually pretty fun. I've had quite a few lucid dreams on this stuff combined with melatonin. Should be able to find it wherever you find melatonin, but a health food store is your best bet.

    Kava Root: Another herbal root. Kava is ground up and made into tea in some polynesian cultures, where it is consumed as an intoxicant. Its not a miracle drink but the best way to describe it would be somewhere between "muscle relaxant - tranquilizer - stress reliever" although it is more mild than those words let on. You can buy it as a tea or in pill or liquid form and your best shot at finding it will be in a health food store.

    There are plenty of other alternatives but these three things are what I use when I really want to have a good nights sleep. If you can get your hands on all three, they work wonderfully together.
  9. good recomendation.

    Excellent post. I have tried Melatonin with pretty good results when you take into account that I totally fucked up my internal clock when I was using meth daily for... who knows how long. I actually had some Melatonin + Theanine pills that worked even better to get me to sleep.

    Of course, these pills help a good deal, but these arent miracle pills. They don't work all the time for me, and do leave me feeling pretty groggy in the morning, but its nothing a few cups of coffee cant defeat.

    All in all though, it helps more than any other legal, nonpresciption drug I can find. I also take 5-HTP to help induce those vivid, lucid dreams africantapwater mentioned that are often brought on my the melatonin. The 5-HTP definately adds some "spice" to my dreams, usually leaving me waking up thinking "what. the. fuck.". You do get the occasional nightmare, but thats nothing new to me, I've had lots of stressful, depressing events happen in my life, so its not uncommon to have nightmares.

    Good luck man, hope you get some solid sleep. I like to smoke some bud before I go to bed, but sometimes its just not possible. Oh, and try to keep your caffiene consumption as low as possible, and try not to drink any coffee or energy drinks after 2pm so you have plenty of time for it to burn off before bed.
  10. believe it or not but higher testosterone levels help you sleep more regularly

    which is linked to melatonin levels

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