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Recent Quick Fix Users?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by PuffinR, Aug 4, 2017.

  1. I used Quick Fix 6.1. Followed all the instructions, had to heat up using hot water because I'm the only person on earth without a microwave. Heated to 104.7 so I let it cool down to 98.7. Rubber banded heat pack to it and tucked in my underwear for the half hour drive to the lab. Found a hidden place in the parking lot and checked temp again with a digital thermometer, registered 97.5. Took off heat pack and retucked the bottle in my underwear. Had about a 15 min wait in the LabCorp location. Test was unobserved, made sure to shake the shit out of the bottle and poured into cup. Temp reading was 96. Now I have to sweat through the weekend for the results! The split sample is being sent to Fleetscreen Ltd in Ft. Worth TX. Has anyone had experience with that lab? I'm so worried now despite all the good reviews. HELP!
  2. Not that lab in particular, but I have use similar stuff to pass in many different labs. Even been monitored. You should be good man. Keep your head up and try not to stress it. Things will work out. --Cheechin
  3. Never used QF before and have been keeping the 6.1 plus prewarmed everyday in case of a random. Would love to see anybody's recent QF results with the recent acquisition of PAML by Labcorp?

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