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Recent Pickups: *Island Sweet Skunk*Pineapple Kush*Afghani*+Keif*

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by Dank_Head, Jun 5, 2009.

  1. 8oz Island Sweet Skunk- $1,250


    1.3g Pineapple Kush :) (free sample)


    4oz Afghani :) - $700


    9.07g of Keif collected :D

  2. Did u get that kief from a grinder? It looks really green
  3. yea sifted leaves thru a large grinder screen
  4. whoa nice ass prices on these and dank pictures. Was it a silk screen from a kif box or a regular steel screen? The silk screens yield more actual crystals and less plant particles and hairs.
  5. Wow dude, i just dropped a nut. I actually wish i was you right now.

    Enjoy that :smoking:
  6. I think i need a new pair of pants. :bolt:
  7. wtf i need to move to toronto
  8. Holy Large Pickup Batman:D
  9. man i have 2 bong hits left and I'm OUT again with no prospects. :mad: But it's great to see that this plant does still exist, very nice pickups :D
  10. wow that huge bag of island sweet skunk looks like something from a dream!

    the color is amazing and i'm sure the smell is even better
  11. Mmm, ISS is always a treat.

    Very reasonable prices, by the way... :smoke:
  12. damn, you have some LARGE amounts of some dank, looks amazing.:smoke:
  13. Holy shit, Someone's gonna have a good weekend.
  14. awww man it looks so beautiful, and for $1,250 it can't get no better(unless you grow it lol) :hello::hello::hello:
  15. daaank as shit, i love what ya got there, keep that shit up and be safe :), im sure that shit reeeaks :)
  16. Damn!!! Amazing pick up!!!
  17. thanks for all the comments, large amounts are the way to go hands down and the canadian prices are verrry nice:)
  18. No shit right, half bow for 1250 that shit would go for 2-2500 here in florida. Must be nice.
  19. yea im moving to florida early july and those prices are gunna burn my wallet!:mad:
  20. Holy fuck! 8 ounces. Nice as fuck man.

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