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Recent pickup - 1/2 oz unnamed danks [PICS] [large images]

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by StickyIckyRicky, Feb 17, 2009.

  1. #1 StickyIckyRicky, Feb 17, 2009
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    Got this a couple days ago. Didn't get a picture of the full bag, but it's not as though you need to see it for me to prove anything, eh?




    couple medium-large nugs


    another angle


    close-up, different angle.

    Very nice high, relaxing and thought-invoking. I would guess it's a hybrid, but I'm not much of an aficionado so my knowledge of strains is very base. I'd say the amount of trichs is above-average for what I've been getting lately, which is nice.

    So...what do y'all think of what I smoke?
  2. looking good man, enjoy that shit. keep it up
  3. Looks like some really good. Nice pickup
  4. There are trichs COVERING that paper. Looks good as hell man

  5. hahah yeah i have a couple scraps of paper that get loaded with trichs through the Os and h/os I use. Usually I wait until it gets moderately thick and then I scrape it with a business card or something of that nature.

    I gotta figure out a place to put all the kief and the like though, to make it easier.
  6. mind if i ask how much u paid?
  7. Look pretty frosty.

    Nice pick-up.

  8. thanks man :bongin:

    not at all. it's a new guy so I'm still not getting great prices by any means, but it was $230 for a half. imho a terrible price, but nonetheless a price I'm willing to pay for quality, na mean?
  9. 230's rough, but i can't say i wouldn't pay at least 2 hundo for nugs like that, and with a new hook, you can look forward to lower prices in the future.

    nice buy :smoking:
  10. yeah, but i was able to afford the h/o. i wanted to get a full o but that price was not affordable, so i'm hoping that price drops soon.

    thanks yo :bongin:
  11. Looks dank as fuck bro...

  12. Nice lookin shit and nice pics too
  13. yeah man it's a pretty hard hitter. it's nothing awe-inspiring but it's great stuff nonetheless.

    thanks yo :)
  14. Some pretty DANK shit my fridn.
    I wish i could be able to find a hookup that sells that kinda stuff./

    But, HAPPY TOKIN:smoke:
  15. #15 brcmix, Feb 18, 2009
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    Great pictures! My only advice is to get a new way to store your weed, like an air tight jar.

    Oh and by the way don't forget to scrape that paper for kief, the third picture shows so much.
  16. yeah I have a jar with what I believe is a plastic seal, but I'm not sure how well that works. I could take a picture and show you guys it if you'd like.

    Currently they just stay in the Ziploc and that is kind of a lame method of storage, esp. since I've heard it does dry out quicker that way...

  17. Oh well, that should work fine. I thought you were storing those nugs in a folded piece of paper, lol thats the only reason why i said anything.
  18. '

    lmao oh god no. I just didn't take a picture of the bag because my battery was dying and it's harder to get good-qual macros when the battery is under 50%.

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