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recent pick ups

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by skink420, Dec 28, 2011.

  1. i got a bunch of photos of all of my latest pick ups, iv jsut been to lazy to upload them, so heres 1-2 shoots of all my recent pick ups :smoke:

  2. Beautiful buds with a pretty shitty trim job.
  3. Could be trimmed better but still some dank lookin nuggets. :smoke:
  4. Bro.. that shit aint even trimmed like a t all.
  5. looks like poop but smoke on dude
  6. trim looks bad, bud looks good
  7. Trim job is lacking... but nonetheless... looks like some high mids-low dank. All outdoor? :smoke:

    How much these run you?
  8. i know, i know, but for $50-$55 a quarter,and all of it was pretty good stuff, a little leaf never hurts
  9. Damn, for that price I'd have no problem getting that. That's a better deal than the 10 dollar dubs I'm getting right now.
  10. Yeah for 50-55 id take that. Maybe collect the leaf and put it in a kief box or somethin?
  11. Well, since the price isn't too bad i would reconsider it if it were my only choice... all my connects in my city charge $70-100/q... i wish my bro and his buddy (both patients) would hook me up better... gotta 40/eighth the other day from the bro :) and a 25/half eighth from his friend :(

    My buddy just found a good medi connect that gets similar strains and he only pays 35/eighth, 70/q... must be a different caregiver though because the Family Love he had was sooo frosty. It's a MT strain that is hard to find elsewhere... im just to used to dank. My other friend gets bud like this for $130-140/half from his bro who is also a patient... his caregiver is slacking tho :eek:

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