recent outdoor harvest... over dried?

Discussion in 'Harvesting and Processing Marijuana' started by ganjology, Sep 25, 2009.

  1. well I have harvested before.... but this is new issue, and need advise. I hung indoor in a/c for three days only in a closet with tiny 4"fan. anyway showed up today to see and the bud is super dryed out, WOW. what should i do or can i do now? was nice white widow. help
  2. Go get some cucumbers and slice them up, then get either some large totes from Wally World for $10/each and place all the buds in that with the cucumber slices. Place the lid back on top and give it a few hours...if the buds aren't moistened up enough yet add more cucumber or lettuce. The extra moisture from the veggies will help re-moisten the buds which will be more dry then the surrounding air.
  3. what he said but dont leave the shit in there too long or mold occurs
  4. I wouldn't add any outside moisture to your shit, it is a bad idea. Just jar it and you will get some moisture back.
  5. Well, no. If you jar it, you will redistribute whatever moisture is left in the buds evenly, but no moisture will actually return.

    If your buds are just dry on the outside, this redistribution will correct the problem and it will seem like they are getting moisture back, but if they are dry all the way through it won't help at all.
  6. good news to report. i went and tuperwared the bud up for like 18 hrs, did not use any out side source for moisture. That turned out to be good decision. returned opened tuperware....sweet smelling super green. perfect. final manicure, brown bag with shredded bag loose,only needed one day. back in tuperware. sampled was super stoked because i have waited for the cyrstals to turn amber for 3 extra weeks. It was worth it!

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