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  1. Hey everyone, I just need to tell someone about my dream last night. It was messed up, and I never remember my dreams, so to now remember this one it sucks. It was so vivid, and I'm a little freaked out even though I know its far from reality. What happened was me and my friend where in her car driving like we normally do and I'm looking ahead when suddenly I hear the cock of her gun and look over to see her fucking pointing it at me. I'm like 'what the hell' and she leans over and straps a bomb to my chest. I don't know how I knew it was a bomb... but it was attached to me through the electrocardiogram sticker and wires used in hospitals. She tells me to shut up and keeps on driving. I don't know what happened, but then I ended up in my room again, my friend and the bomb was gone. The room is all dark, eerie and kinda trippy looking, with colors going into each other as I walk around. So I turn on the light in my room and everything looks normal again, but I look up to the corner in the ceiling to see this thick spider web. There are two large black spiders in it and when I look up one starts running through it and the other quickly follows and they are running after each other. Everything goes black and I wake up...

    I know my friend would never try to kill me... I have no idea how that dream even happened. It does kinda freak me out though, it's just disturbing to me cause everything felt so real at the time. Like it was really happening. Plus it seems like every single dream I do remember I am in a life or death situation and more often than not I do end up dying...

    Ah well... that's my night last night. Feel free to tell your own recent nightmares and comment on mine. Now time to smoke a bowl. Haha
  2. You aren't alone with dreams like this OP.. I have pretty intense dreams just about every night and it seems like recently my friends are all having vivid, but WEIRD dreams too.

    For instance, the other night I had a dream that me and a couple of friends decided to break into a veterinarian's office in the dead of night (I have no idea why we'd do this, like with your friend that would never hurt you we are not burglars haha) and then when we got inside the halls and everything distorted into just a weird imaginary interior and after walking through, we discovered a giant underground vault of treasure.

    I like to believe that more and more people having increased dream-power is a sign that we are living in times of subconscious spiritual development. :smoke:
  3. The crazy vivid nightmares I remember are usually about the world ending in dramatic fashion.
  4. Spiders. My favorite creature. Terrifying, serene, deadly, harmless protecters.

    The weavers of life.
  5. this isn't a bad dream I'm about to tell but it's kinda funny.

    Well, I used to live with my friend and his parents. We'd always blaze with his dad but his mom was very against us smoking (she knows the dad smokes but not with us). So that being said, here is my story:

    I was at my friend's house again and we were smoking some weed. After we got done he went to his bedroom and I was in the kitchen chilling with his mom. Well for whatever reason she wanted me to send a text to someone from her phone, so I picked it up and looked at it. all I remember seeing was a draft message that said "I just got some sticky stuff, can't wait to try it". I was like WTF she doesn't smoke weed! but then I looked at her and she knew I saw it so she took her phone and smiled then deleted the text. I was thinking "man i gotta tell my bro!" (friend). So I went in there and I whispered it in his ear so his mom would't know i told him. then boom, I woke up. lol dreams are so weird sometimes.
  6. Last nite I had one.

    I don't remember who I was with,if they were friends,family or people who don't even exist,but I knew them in the dream.I don't know where exactly I was,because it wasn't familiar,but I think it was like a tourist island or something.

    It was dark outside and I was with whoever browsing shops/stores when suddenly the buildings across started collapsing into the ground.Everyone started running and it would stop,then start in another place.

    Suddenly someone warned us of Somalian Pirates were taking over and trying to pillage the island.We started running from that as well as the collapsing of everything.I felt afraid in my dream,but was in survival mode,peaking around corners,jumping over things,running,just trying to get to safety.

    Then I woke up and was glad it was just a dream.
  7. if you take sleeping pills like melatonin you have some trippy ass dreams...

  8. Yeah I can testify to this too
  9. I had a trip dream
    couldnt try to explain it though

    one time i had a trip dream and the second i woke up jotted as fast as I could the entire dream and when I later read what i wrote it was even more trip and epic humiliation from some type of god
  10. Idk if your a girl OP (probably gonna get flamed for this) but I find that most girls have really bad nightmares and most of them they end up dying or being killed by someone.. Idk why but my ex's and other girls I've known through my life have always told me they have terrible nightmares and people kill them in they're dreams and shit.. I'm not sure why but you bringing up this thread just made me wonder why it is that more women have nightmares like that.. and it especially fucks womens minds up more then men.. I've had my ex wake me up because I supposedly cheated on her during a dream and she was upset.. and I've herd that happen plenty of times before with other friends of mine and I've seen a pic of it somewhere on here of a joke.

    Found it!

    Why is it women have these kind of dreams (I'm not saying men don't) but it seems like women have these kind of dreams more often.. is it an emotional thing? I'm just curious why you guys dream about people killing you that normally wouldn't lol
  11. That is interesting, and I have noticed it to. Maybe women are more open to share, or they find it to be more significant than a guy might. Not really sure... I am a girl though just for clarification. I think you bring up a good point though, my sister often has dreams of her fiance cheating on her and she will get so worked up about it as if it actually happened. On the other hand, her fiance has his own messed up dreams that are equally as disturbing and affect him pretty bad. Then I know both males and females who don't dream at all (including me except I remember the bad dreams or rarely, vivid interesting dreams, but usually I don't remember anything). Maybe it depends on the persons psychological state... I know mine isn't at a good place.
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    This is so true..
    Yesterday I had a fever and a terrible headache and couldn't sleep, so I took a lot of Tylenol PM Extra Strength. There is a warning never take more than 4000mg in 24 hours, so, naturally, I took 4000mg on the dot.

    Read at your own risk; this dream was FREAKY.

    My dream was me walking around my house, and everything seems different. Suddenly, my sister comes and shouts at me, "You're high aren't you! I know it!" Obviously I was not, but I got scared and ran away to another room. Then, the TV switched on to a program with a baby sitting on his bottom. He was crying. I heard someone say it was the first look at an abortion on TV (I know this isn't how abortions work. It was a dream.). My eyes glued to the screen and I developed severe tunnel vision to the point where I was the camera and the baby was still crying and his crying got so much more real. Two atms from behind the camera came up with a drill and rolled up towel. The drill pierced the baby's eyes and the baby started SCREAMING. I couldn't look away; I might have even been the arms now that I think back to it. The drill pulled out one eye, and wasted no time in piercing the next one. Blood was a all over the baby's face and he wailed and screamed and cried tears of blood.

    Then when both eyes were gone, the other arm gagged the baby with the towel, but the cries persisted unmuffled. I had the feeling the baby was being destroyed on the inside. I looked again and realized the towel was really a drill - tearing up all the baby's internal organs. I yelled, "STOP! TURN IT OFF!" and the baby screamed one last time. I heard a definitive splat and then the sound of a TV blinking off. Darkness, then I woke up.
    Throughout this whole dream and the moments after waking up I was overcome by grief, a feeling of apprehension, and that I needed to vomit.

    I'm not sure what the subconscious reason of this dream was, if it had a reason. Perhaps it's my subconscious guilt associated with my parents and siblings despising that I'm pro-choice and not a god-lovin' republican (I'm libertarian and atheist).
  13. Freaky? This is just plain SCARY :eek:

  14. So glad you didnt call me a sexist pig! lol.. Yeah I'll admit I had some dreams as well about my ex cheating at times but I think I handled it a LOT better then her. I think it just has to do with women are more emotional and go off emotions so dreams affect them in a bigger way then men when they can just brush it off and be logical about it.. Its just dreams so whatever. If your psychological state isn't where u want it to be.. just my personal opinion but I think you should change it :p
  15. I wish I could dream like you mortals do...If I do, I never remember them, and I'm confident they could give me some insight into my subconscious.

    Conscious logic gets old...A lot.:cool:
  16. the spider part creeped me out O__O

  17. Yeah kind of wish I hadn't read that, some pretty disturbing imagery.

    Why did I not heed his warning? WHY?

    Sucks to be experiencing a dream like that...
  18. Haha the worst dreams i ever have is when i have no weed or cigarettes and i have a dream that i somehow stumble across some then when i wake up im cheerin for a second till i realise i still got none.

  19. Holy fuck man, I've been having increasingly vivid dreams lately as well; I started reading your post and this setting matches the setting of my dreams to the tee lol. For months it feels like, I dream I'm on some sorta nat'l park/tourist attraction island, hardly ever witnessing the same scene but I'm certain of the shared location within the dream.

    I was in a tsunami one night where I was at the beaches; another time I ran for my life as a kinda one man army in this city at night within the island, everyone had guns including myself, vehicles were exploding and shit haha, but the adrenaline was flowing like mad. I was able to move almost superhumanly through the city with fast sprints and huge jumps, but there was a shadowy individual who was able to keep up with me, perhaps even moving faster.

    I had a good lead on him though and I went into this large pipe/tunnel that rose at an angle high above the city. When I reached the top, the pipe suddenly leveled out and abruptly ended in an opening where I was forced to stop, as I turned I knew the shadowy figure was about to be on top of me, I saw him fly over the ramps edge and opened fire with my machine gun knocking him back down and certainly killing him, but just before firing he had come close enough for me to see, close enough to recognize as one of my good friends. I didn't feel too bad at the time, just surprised it was him who was after me but without any enmity to him or feeling betrayed, just relieved for being safe. Then I woke up.

    Most of the time I'm there with individuals who are strangers to my waking self, but have some sorta significance to my dreaming self; though occasionally I'm accompanied by familiar faces. One dream I was at an amusement park setup with one of my best friends and his family. It was night and very bright and loud, but the rides were constantly screwing up, or at least the straps holding you in, and we were hanging on for our lives to spiraling coasters lol, wasn't particularly scared in that one though, my memory of it seems almost giddy.
  20. I had a FUCKED dream the other day man. These two enemies of mine, were some reason at this party I was at. Not like some drinking crazy party but more of a family gathering, i'm guessing because one of them's dad was with my aunt.

    His fat ass and his mexican friend kept giving me dirty looks and started to play or talk to my nephew and I walked up and shoved him right out the fucking door and they pulled a knife on me and started swinging, so i pulled out my knife and started stabbing these fuckers, and they made it to their car and were trying to get away, and i just kept stabbing and stabbing them man, i was fucking slashing and stabbing anyplace, i even started stabbing them in the fucking mouth (I think this is because I was seeing an old friend who is a O.G the other day and he was like "the fuck u mean *****, u in a knife fight u stab a ***** were ever u can" haha)

    They left and came back and were like beating my ass somehow, i somehow lost my knife and they each had one and were punching me and slashing me, i was on the ground and they were trying to stab me but i kicked them off and shit, then i ran off into some field, jumped some fence and was hiding behind some tree, i was bloody as fuck, slashed up and the scary thing was i could feel the pain... it stung so fucking bad and then they

    tried to hit me with their truck and i dove out the way just in time and ran up and kicked the drivers door shut on his legs when he tried to get out and just fucking started stabbing non stop in his face, then the passenger got out and came at me and we had a intense 1v1 knife fight. '

    SHIT WAS CRAZY. halfway threw the 1v1 i woke up and was like oh thank god it was a dream lol.

    Never had a dream like that in my life, but in my dream i was using a black butterfly knife i have in real life, and it's real sharp and i always wanted to stab someone with it, and i finally got to, it the mouth like 10 times :D

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