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  1. According to a CBS News poll conducted at the end of October, a slim majority of 51 percent continues to think that weed use should be illegal. But support for specifically allowing doctors to prescribe marijuana for serious medical conditions - or legalized "medical" marijuana - is far stronger: 77 percent Americans think it should be allowed.
    Still, even though most Americans support this, just three in 10 believe that the marijuana currently being bought in this country under state-authorized medical marijuana programs is being used in the way it has been authorized: for alleviating suffering from serious medical conditions. I say the hell with those three people.heh. 40 percent of Americans think the use of marijuana should be legal, while 51 percent think it should not. The percentage that favors legalizing marijuana is larger than it was back in 1979. I dont think i need to express what side of the poll im on.;)
  2. You mean cbs is wrong
  3. A media outlet downplaying the demand for legal cannabis? hmmmm, where have I seen this before?
  4. Although we can't prove it,,the drug czar had to do something to offset the Gallup poll,,a much better and more accurate polling method,,which did show a majority of voters support legalization.
  5. You can't trust a poll from a news company. It's so easy to manipulate results of an internet poll.. they're worthless. They could have whatever results they want. I'm surprised it's as close as it is in this poll really.
  6. We need a serious 100% unbiased poll sent across the nation -- kind of like the Census. That's the only way to get a good opinion. Hell, I think we should send a ballot nationwide on the topic of legalizing medical marijuana nationwide -- then another ballot nationwide for legalizing marijuana altogether (some time later).
  7. Seems to be the fairest way to do it. That's the problem with it though. Our politicians will never have it. :p
  8. how do they conduct these polls? I have never been asked any questions ever if I believe in legalization.

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