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  1. Here are my first two higher end tubes. Both are great and I absolutely love the waffle bub.
    Manifest Glass Works - Showercap to 9 arm tree with Tally glass slide.
    Stone Glass Works - Waffle Bub with SLIM slide.

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  2. Nice dude. That SGW signature I'm assuming is rare because I've never seen it before.

    Enjoy. :smoking:
  3. How much did that MGW run you? And what do you think of the showercap on it. I am planning on getting a new tube soon and have been thinking about an MGW.
  4. that mgw a water or what? dont see a stem on it.

  5. And you do see one on the SGW?

    They're called stemless my friend.
  6. Uh what? That has nothing to do with my post.

    I asked the price of the MGW. I already know a similar SGW is out of my price range, my friend.
  7. FAIL lol
  8. he obviously meant to quote this guy

  9. I think he meant to reply to 'cryingpeanuts'.

  10. Thank you.

    Don't say fail when I made a mistake, thus it being a fail on you for not reading any other posts in the thread.
  11. Oh my, a debate on who did indeed fail on a forum. Reputations are at stake!
  12. Alright guys, lets not argue about this. It was obviously a mistake. I just want a price and review on that shower cap MGW
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    agreed. reviews with pics and video are always good:bongin:
    op, i also have an mgw that has a lonnnngg over due review. i might be able to get that in my tomorrow, my gf got her laptop fixed recently so im able to post more of my glass.
  14. SGW is relatively newer..starting to come out with more nice stuff

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