recent dorm addition :)

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  1. got this pretty dank black light poster. pretty raw. looks great on the wall :cool: me and my roommate ripthatnug just couldnt pass up something so amazing!

  2. gettin another light for the other side too
    that'll light it up real nice
  3. Badass, did you get those online?

  4. actually we are. tomorrow :) it will light up so good then !!

  5. no actually. we got it at spencers inside the mall
  6. Oh word, I've got one nearby, wonder if they carry that type of stuff. Haven't been inside in about 3 years.
  7. Awesome poster :D

  8. for sure bro. they will have on there i can promise you that. they had some sick posters of bob as well. rasta, bud. shrooms. they got all of it
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    whoa with the fully mature plants on the bottom, thats dooooooope son

    ya Spencers is all about the taboo items. Sex, weed, psychadelics, gag gifts, off the wall movie crap...
  10. thats what im sayin! spencers is raw!

  11. that store is the sickest place ever :D

    a long time ago in high school I walked into it with my stoner girlfriend not knowing what was up and we walked straight into the sex shop part and was like WtFFFFF

    ahaha :smoking:
  12. We don't have a spencer's anymore :(
  13. friend has exact same one, its sick
  14. nice! we just must share good taste ha:rolleyes:
  15. ur sig nearly gave me a heart attack scrolling down the page:eek::eek::eek::eek::eek::eek:

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