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Recent anxiety during smoking

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by desuforeverlulz, Aug 4, 2011.

  1. I've been smoking for four years now, and a few months ago I had been put on Vyvanse, once a day 30 mg for ADHD. Well, since then I had taken a hiatus from pot until a couple weeks ago. I smoked a half gram and tweaked really hardcore. I thought someone would find out I was high or had weed any second, I couldn't stand it. I was super anxious and tweaky, for the life of me I couldn't settle down.

    I convinced my mom to let me wean off the Vyvanse. She thought it was helping me concentrate in school cause I had gone all senioritis, but it was summer and I was waiting for college to start (I'm going to Harper College, btw). So, I got off the Vyvanse about a month ago and I smoked pot again last week. Well, I still got pretty damn anxious, but I heard that it only takes 1-2 days for Vyvanse to wear off or get out of your system. So, now I'm kind of starting to freak out. Will I always be anxious and tweaky when I smoke? What the fuck! Someone help me out!
  2. Maybe you shouldn't mix your medication with weed like try and slow down one of those habits.
  3. He sId he quit learn to read!!
  4. Kind of depends on how long you have been taking it, Zoloft fucked my anxiety up when I was 16, even gave me a panic attack when I walked into history class after we had smoked at lunch.
    The more you take those kind of meds...smoke...feel anxious and weird...the more your body gets used to that feeling, until everytime you get high, your mind automatically reverts back to feeling anxious and weird because that is what its used to when your high.

    Pot is known for causing anxiety/panic/paranoia, these ADHD/ADD/Anti-Depression meds only add fuel to the fire.

    .....I think....I dont know, Im High. :smoking:
  5. desuforeverlulz, I know you don't live in a state that allows for legal Medical Cannabis, but is it possible for you to get your hands on some indica only strains? You might find that those rarely deliver anxiety or paranoia, in my experience at least.

    I don't know what that prescription medication that you mentioned is or what's for ~ but I think it's safe to say that going off any prescription without your doctor's approval and observation is asking for serious trouble.

    Best of luck to you and I hope you stay safe and well.

  6. Its quite opposite in a lot of cases. I hear THC causes anxiety. This is what my doctor told me when I asked to be on marinol until my crop produced. He says Tyler this will not do good for your anxiety than went on to explain there are like 60 other cannabinoids in pot. Sure I can see THC giving you more anxiety. I can also see a good indica calming you right the F down.
  7. Let's see, I am in Illinois, I don't think it allows legal cannabis at this time, but I heard that it's on its way to decriminalization. I'm sorry, I'm not familiar with what indica only is, do you mind enlightening me? I'm a smoker, not a grower. :p

    The medication is for Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, as I mentioned in the original post, but I can't stand being on it, to be honest. I feel like I'm not myself. And it was my suggestion that I be put on it in the first place.

  8. there are two major strain types.

    indica - said to produce more of a body high

    sativa - said to produce more of a head high

    they are suggesting you try a more pronounced indica strain
  9. Hmm I took ADD/ADHD medicine for while but havn't taken it for a couple months maybe a week or so I always tried not to take it during the time I blaze and I'm fine.

  10. ehh, don't count on it. you might see lots of places in IL become more lenient, but I wouldn't hold my breath waiting for decrminilalization. And I think it will be 3-5 years at least before we get medicinal here in IL

  11. Ah, that's very helpful. Last time I'm sure it was a head high. I couldn't really hear anything and I was very dimly aware of what was going on. We were driven back to my friend's house and I just started cooking ramen. It was a pretty weird day. And the whole time I was anxious about his parents. I normally cook ramen at his house, most of the time without even asking, and he's fine with it, but for some reason I had a vibe like his dad was pissed off.
  12. You know there is a really good sticky about this topic... Anxiety while tokin' can be attributed to low blood sugar and dehydration.

    Just don't mix your meds and if you still feel anxious, just tell yourself this is the safest plant and even if you did have an attack it would not kill you.

  13. A moderator moved my thread from seasoned to apprentice. I resent that, especially since I've been smoking since like seventh grade.
  14. You might have just been paranoid that you'd be paranoid so then you were. :p

    My best friend's boyfriend is on meds for ADHD (I don't know what they're called so I can't really compare to what you're taking), and he doesn't seem to be too paranoid when he's high. If anything he just gets a lot higher than anyone. But that could be because he's a lightweight too. When I smoked with him he and my friend were visiting from another state. It was the first time he had smoked in a least a year I think. But he was high from smoking once for around 24 hours I'd say. I don't think he ever got paranoid. Although I think a lot of his "highness" was just placebo.
    Ugh, I feel like I stopped making sense there at the end. Long story short, I from what I've seen ADHD meds don't have that effect.
    If it makes any difference, my girlfriend is on anti-depressants and those don't affect her high negatively either.
  15. I used to get anxiety when I would get REALLY high. It also comes along with the paranoia. I also stopped taking all my meds and just smoking now and like seems just as good, if not better
  16. I've been getting the same thing lately. Except my anxiety has reached a point where it causes me to have violent gagging attacks in which I vomit in my mouth or in public. They come at random and are uncontrallable. The only thing I can suggest is to cut back on your smoking and socializing. Your anxiety is probably your body telling you that you have too much to handle.

    I'm cutting back on everything, smoking, growing, drinking, parties, people. I'm going to take a good long t-break and exercise. Hopefully I'll see an improvement. Maybe I just need to get my thumb out of my ass; figure of speech.
  17. I tried some indica and used a couple of tips I read and didn't have any anxiety at all, thanks guys!

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