Received Two Juliet Clones...

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  1. ...and now I'm lost.
    Hey everyone, how's it going?  Hopefully this post finds you all well.
    I've been a member on this site for awhile, but my path in life had lead me away from the herb for a little.  However, we are reunited once again, and I'm trying to rekindle the love we once had.
    A little background info on my current situation:
    -   Was given 2 clones of Juliet (Cinderella 99 x NYC Sour Diesel [80%/20% - Sativa])
    -   Unknown soil
    -   16 hours of light/8 hours dark
    -   Watered with straight tap water a few times, used distilled yesterday
    -   CFL, 6500K
    The main question I have is, what is wrong?  I'm thinking nute lockout, overwatered, or nitrogen toxicity.  The runoff pH from the soil came out to approximately 5-5.5 when I watered yesterday.
    Here are a few pics:
    PLANT 1
    PLANT 2
    Hopefully the pics help out some.
    I'm contemplating heading to the local nursery and picking up some Fox Farm Ocean Forest, as I've heard great things.  Is that a good idea?
    Any help is truly appreciated.  Thank you for taking the time to read this.

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    looks like nute burn .. more N then needed, judging by the "claw".
    how often are you watering?
    how big are they, the plants, compared to those 6 inch( guessing size) nursery cubes?  root binding may also be causing this.
    if going to buy Fox Farm get their Happy Frog .. you'll get 25% more soil and it's better stuff IME. just throw in a 1/2 a Cu.Ft. ( the FFHF bag will be 2 Cu.Ft.) of perlite, and your good to go. maybe some dolomite lime to stabilize pH if your water is acidic. most tap is around 8 ( neutral pH is 7 on a scale of 1-14.. I know obvious but some don't get it ) to avoid calcium deposits from forming in the pipes. distilled H20 is a 7 pH BTW.
    some trivia that may help with purchasing soils...
    1 Cubic Foot = 7.5 gallons of soil. so you'll be able to do that math on pots.
    also bumb your light schedule up a couple hours. she looks like she wants to flower, and that will help her decide to veg.
  3. First off, a tremendous thank you to you for the reply.  The claw is what had me thinking N toxicity.
    Due to me thinking it might have been overwatered (as I've only had them one week today and wasn't sure of their prior schedule), yesterday was the first day I watered them in about 3 days.  The soil was moist at the bottom (last inch or so) for most of the 3 days.
    As for size, Plant 1 is just over 8 inches, and Plant 2 is just over 6 inches.  The cubes themselves have sides of 3.5 inches, and are 3.5 inches tall.
    And thank you for that suggestion.  I probably will go with the Happy Frog and perlite.  If my tap is running at a pH of 6.5 - 7 do you think  I could do without the dolomite lime?
    That extra info will also be of help to me.  I was wondering how I would figure that all out but you just made my job 10 times easier.
    Again, thank you for all the help.
  4. Well, I had to get the Ocean Forest as the shop was out of Happy Frog and wouldn't have any for week or two.
    Even though OF contains perlite I went ahead and grabbed some anyway.  I figured if they are already burned, extra perlite would help spread out the nutes.  Is that correct?  Or am I way off?
  5. perlite adds oxygen to soil
    sounds like u used miracle grow soil ;)
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    dolomite lime raise pH, so no not needed...matter of fact your H20 sounds pretty good.
    perlite is used for aeration in soils..not to spread out the soils N/P/K.  and having extra is no biggie IMO/E.
    shoot if you've got way too much , look into hempy buckets as entry to hydro. after this grow of course.. get a harvest, then expand. :smoke:
    cannabis enjoys sell drained soils that's why we suggest adding it to pre-bought soils.
    EDIT: and Happy Frog is a much more dense mix then Ocean Forest, so try for around a .25 CuFt per bag of soil.
    did you pick up any nutrients?  if not no worries , its a good thing ..your plants will eat the majority of the
    "food" in the soil in the first few weeks - 2 months ( 6-7 weeks is a good figure). so you've got time to decide if you want to run bottled nutes or try to run an ACT (Aerated Compost Tea).
    half a dozen of one and 6 of the other IMHO. ones kinda labor intensive & takes some learning but your soil will perform better. the other is just measuring out of a bottle and reading instructions.
    on your first grow I don't think either will be much effect on yield.... B4 you ask. But best to make a solid plan a stick to it.
    perllite, in soil, is used for aeration & drainage.. mainly drainage when dealing with cannabis in particular though. so its less adding oxy then not letting water sit in the soil and bacteria to grow. :bongin:
    and where you get that MG sol from ? that's pure speculation..& is not useful bro. ( trust me, this is "eating crow experience" talking here man)
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    forgot to add ..what size pot did you pick up ?
    please tel l me you grabbed at least 1 gallon
    should brought this up sooner..sorry :mad:
  8. :smoking: everythings gonna be alright :smoking:
  9. Awesome!
    I didn't grab any nutes, so I'm glad I've got a couple months.  I'm pretty busy right now so I'll probably go with the bottled ones.
    And as for the size of the pots, their 10".  It didn't say the volume.  I can guarantee they're at least a gallon though.
    When I get some more time I'll upload updated pics.  I ended up LST'ing one of them.
    Thanks for all the help, man!

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