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Received some Beeline samples today

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by toxiccasper, Sep 27, 2010.

  1. Cant wait to try out these free samples, hope this stuff is as good as people say.
    Got the samples from

  2., but I cant find the sample anywhere on the site?
  3. I just went under contact us and asked if they send samples and they did. Im not sure about Canada though
  4. how does the thick spool compare to the regular one? they mention thick being optimal for water pipes, does this hold true?
  5. thats awesome that you got some free samples, only way i'd ever use these. I dont think theres that much of a difference between a bic lighter and this. They are probally just marketing it off as healthier ( it may be, but i doubt to an extent big enough to make a difference ) to get some extra $$
  6. i sent them an email about free samples as soon as i read this. im tryna hop on the free sample train before its full! :D
  7. Im sure its not much healthier than a lighter, I wanted to try it for the change of flavor. butane isnt too tasty lol
  8. As much as I'd love some free samples, it'll only last so long. I'm probably gonna be buying a few spools of it soon enough.

  9. i dont mind the taste lol. But every time i've heard someone talk about this, they go off on how healthy it is. but really, your still inhaling smoke/flame which isnt good for you.
  10. Honestly, the beeline kicks ass. You don't realize how nasty the lighter is until you try something else. I would recommend it.
  11. i contacted them hopefully they send a sample my way, id like to buy a spool of it not a huge fan of butane, even matches taste better to me
  12. Butane lighters are yucky :eek:... Stick with a BIC over those, they torch the weed also. Matches have been the best way to actually taste the weed. I am curious about the Beeline. I hope i get a free sample.
  13. Oh Ill definitely buy some more if I enjoy this stuff.
  14. BIC is a butane lighter buddy :) Anyways, I'd love to give these a shot. I could just light a candle, stick my beeline in the fire and take rips whenever I please. Definitely sounds appealing to me
  15. yea or a lot of people wrap the beeline around the lighter

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