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Received my SuperVapeZilla!

Discussion in 'Medical Marijuana Usage and Applications' started by StreetSpirit, Sep 26, 2007.

  1. [removed by poster.. ]

    I apologize for removing my post but there is a certain amt of liability I am unwilling to risk. If the consequences only affected myself personally, this would not be an issue.

    I left the other posts intact, and you can visit to view the photographs of the inside the box, the original threads so forth.
  2. I used it extensively last night. Kept it on for about 3 hours.

    My one and only complaint is that there's no cool down cycle. That's not a huge complaint, by way of complaints :)

    There are two screens, one that doesn't need to be replaced, inside the heating chamber and one inside the whip. The screen is fine, even the finest herbal matter doesn't make it into my mouth.

    It's very easy to run the whip through an ice chamber although the vapor is not even warm (definitely not like hitting a pipe or a bong.)

    One major thing with all vaporizers: The draw technique should be reversed from when you're smoking a regular bong: do NOT draw fast - do it slow and easy - exhale and then slowly inhale from the whip.
  3. Awesome man, where did you buy it from? I've wanted a SV for awhile now.
  4. Right from the website. Tracked it online. Thanks - Cheers-

    Some quick snapshots are attached.

    Attached Files:

  5. I'm glad you like it. I'm still split between the volcano, the heatgun, and the supervapezilla. A volcano would probably be the most convienient way to vape (especially with 3+ people) but the heatgun and the supervapzilla would get really baked too. My main gripe with the heatgun it that it seems like a bitch to operate.

    Your post was very informative thanks!
  6. Thank you. That's my main gripe with the heatgun as well, which is why I absolutely love this thing. I can lay down and slowly vape at my leisure, especially at night.

    Thanks for the kind words, and good luck whichever way you decide.
  7. So with the filters on this you don't get any of the small kif particles that kill your throat?
  8. a DAM, +rep for you my friend
  9. Street Spirit, you've tried the Volcano right? How easy is the operation of the Super-Vapezilla compared to the Volcano? I've had a vapor brothers before but I found it to be a hassle holding the whip and all. The Volcano, on the other hand, just involved loading the herb and waiting for it to fill up.

    I also like how the Volcano bags are easy to pass around in a group setting. That's another gripe I had with the vapor bros. eh...I probably won't be sharing my $500 Volcano with more than 6 people so I guess that's not a huge problem.

    My main concern if I buy an expensive vape is quality + reliability. It's nice to know that the innards of the Super-Vapezilla are not cheap. The Volcano uses a aluminum heating element (among other things) which is inferior to a ceramic one, and for $500 bucks I think that Volcano skimped pretty hardcore. I'll have to check the warranty on the Super-Vapezilla.

    I didn't know that the heatgun had all those questionable health related aspects. I'm glad you pointed them out. Thanks again.
  10. All you mention as being good in using small amounts controling hits temp etc works for aromed. Whats more you get the water filter so no particles reach your lungs. So for the $$ consider aromed. Easy to clean and works everytime. Temp control really accurate as you can taste difference with 10 degrees change.

    Looks sterile but is the real thing. No noises see your herb change from GReen to Brown.

    I love it man........ :D
  11. Man that unit is so damn balla... :cool: Look at that thing!

  12. I agree on the Volcano being much more for a party type atmosphere. I think you might be happier with it.

    I also agree with Almonjoy on the Aromed. It works just as well as this unit and will give you identical results. FWIW, I have replaced the screen with a tripple screen, and have not had any particulate matter end up in my mouth, but I do understand that it can be fine and an irrritant, so I've ran the whip through my Vriptech pipe and the outcome is very nice indeed. I'm absolutely in love with this setup and also agree, whatever you do, dont buy a whip unit with a cheapo rheostat. It's impossible to get consistent results.

    I guess there are 3 top dogs in the game. Volcano of course, SuperVapeZilla and Aromed. And all three are just as overpriced!:eek:

    There is a BEWILDERING array of these units on the market. ALL of them, ALL (perhaps othert than an eagle bill vape pipe) are overpriced. Some are VASTLY overpriced. All have a feature you love and a feature you'd like to see. There is no perfect vape. Not yet.

    Hassle wise, I've been using it now what,2 weeks, The whip is pretty good, it stays put and is long enough that even if it slips a half an inch out, nothing happens. I have tried standing up, not holding the whip at all and it works fine, thoug admittedly you might loose your load if you're not careful. I don't really find it a hassle to hold the whip, as I like to rotate it a bit and tap it occasionally to agitate the material. I use a little glass poker to stir inside the whip.

    I love the design of the whip. It is extremely easy to replace the screen, it is very solid and not likely to break easily, and with just a little inginuity, you can run it through a nice ROOR instead of that little Aromed water bottle thingie.

    But: All of them, Aromed, heatguns, non-fan assisted whips, fan assisted whips, ALL of them are ridiculously overpriced.

    You are not going to use your vaporizer all the time. Trust me on this. I don't know of one person that has stopped smoking completely. Some people might be better off getting a new ROOR or something, as the taste of vaping is an acquired taste.

    I am however hooked bit I won't be spending another 500 bucks though, that's just stupidity.

    BTW- This co's advertising turns off a lot of people, but they do make a very nice product, if overpriced. Using a water pipe might be wise, or if you're not the DIY type, then try out an Aromed. You can get some tiny particular matter that will make your throat very sore (at least it did mine). I have not had it afte replacing the stock screen with my own, and for the hell of it, I ran it thru a water pipe. Now I'm using a PERFECT vape. PERFECT I tell you!

    That's really all I have to say as I'm stoned and lost my train of thought :)
  13. I still got them. I am using a tiny water bottle, but filling it with ice, that seems to do the trick and my throat never felt better.

    Although admittedly I am doing is overill, a few good screens back to back inside the whip. Since the user-side of the whip is just a hose, no mouthpiece, it's dirt simple to rig up a water pipe. ive got one on the side of my unit, just like the aromed's back thing. I used quick drying glue and laid a velco strip all around the vape. Then I took a small bottle, almost identical in shape to what the Aromed uses and simply run the end throuhg it. Very very simple solution, but.. Like I said it's overkill, if you stick a few screens in the whip it'll be pretty good.

    Now imagine the small kief particles you get when you fire up a heat gun! + All the pcb electronics crap cant be very healthy for you.

    I love my vape, but yeah I did get that throat irritation thing. Easily rectified however.

    This is why I say all the units are fucking overpriced. The units with a water bottle strapped to the side of them have some other flaw, the units without a water bottle, you wish they had one, so forth and so on. There is no perfect vape, at least I haven't seen one yet. But I've gotten pretty damn close with this one. :)

    So yes. I did Xodus, but luckily a solution is dirt simple for even those who don't like to DYI. Those who are disabled may want to look into an Aromed to save themselves frustration, but a bit of stoner engineering and you've got a perfect vape.

    Peace, as I said, everyone likes what they've invested money in. I'm attempting to be as brutally honest as possible.

    I did get the sore throat stuff and also get that with heatguns (with or without ice.) Once I added that little watter bottle, no more sore throat. Heck you can be more creative, it's very cut the tube and run it through a water bottle. But I suggest one, otherwise you will get a bit of a sore throat.

    (Some people dont mind it, some do.)

  14. Warranty sucks. They give you a year on labor, but not a second on parts. However, I've been reading the forums about owners of this unit hard core, many of them reported their unit just dying one day, it's as simple as replacing a fuse.

    I counted almost all the people who posted about problems, all of them were helped with a replacer fuse. Wicked Roots used to send you fuses, so forth, but they got a little bit complacent with the high times awards.

    I agree with you 100%. Storz & Bickel skimped on that 'Cano something crazy. Which is why I say to people try Aromed or SVapeZilla.

    There are a few other units out there which rip the vapezilla design. Herbal Aire or something, theres a bunch that the sells. Some are in the high 300 price range. But I still think you get what you paid for.

    For example, the GotVape heatgun: It has a brushed copper heating element. The copper flakes off eventually and where do you think it ends up? There are threads all over the place of users finding out about this.

    I don't think that heatgun manufacturers had anything like what we're doing in mind, and it's the height of folly to assume that an industrial heat gun never meant for human consumption/inhallation will be "healthier". (I have a feeling Steinel , the makers in Sweden would be horrified if they knew we are sucking on their heatguns :p)

    But yes, water bottle is a must with these units. Otherwise the small kief-like particles which are simply dried bits of pot will irritate the HELL out of your throat.

    Luckily it's a very easy solution and does not require spending another 500 dollars (for me). But it would be nice to have from the manufaturer.

    Warranty wise, you'll be very disappointed with


    PS Fuse is on the outside of the case in a little plastic pop-open compartment on the back, very easily for an end user to replace, and meant to be end user replaceable. The unit uses rivets, of course you can make it look like you never touched if you know what you're doing, but opening the unit voids the warranty.

    Running the unit with the cover off is bad, never do it. It's fan path is designed like a pc, to have a cover on. Look at my pictures if it's not clear why you shouldn't.

    Minor gripes so far: 2
    no water bottle
    no cool down cycle (you have to lower the temp manually, even though the controller does have logic to speed up the counting if you hold the - sign in for a few seconds, so it's not that big of a deal.

    I'm simply going to buy a radioshack 15 minute electric timer- when i'm done, the timer is preset to 15 minutes then cut power, i press one button and walk away.

    So I'm gtting very very nice and comfy with my new vape!!!! And got some cannabutter recipes to try :)

  15. There was a thread on the user forums that talked about making a DIY cool down button.

    Aromed is probably the best health wise but it looks goofy and as SS said, you can always just attach a bong or a water bottle. I'm seriously considering the SuperVapezilla now. :D

    Edit/// Just checked and Aromed is only $440. I think it includes the portable case with it... gotta check this out will post soon

  16. I'd try it. Though I really wish there were more folks who owned this vape and could give some more feedback. However, the points that were brought up, small particle irritation, heating element accuracy via digital controller, and considering that having the element (bulb) directly above the herb is better. I have a feeling you are going to be happier with the Aromed, and it's about a hundred bux less which isn't bad at all.

    Good luck, please tell us about what you decide and how you like it, but... I'd go for an Aromed, save the hassle of doing shit yourself, save the hassle of paying for parts with a decent warranty if the unit breaks... I dunno, there maybe is a catch but I honestly do not see one.

    According to Almonjoy (if Almonjoy is being honest and I have no reason to believe otherwise) then the Aromed will be the best vape currently on the market, and the one where you'll have to do the least amount of modification to.

    Wicked roots has a order placed=final policy. You cannot cancel your order if you reconsider a day later even before the thing has shipped. That kinda sucks to be honest... But business practices aside , this is an effective instrument with a small amount of gripes. Throat irritation is a very real danger, and will kill your joy. Do yourself a favour, and get something that is filtered.

    Just as smoke has tiny particulate matter which destroys your lungs, vaping can destroy your throat in a hurry if you don't take the steps to prevent it.

    The warranty is shabby at best . I didn't even get a fucking power cable :) But it's a stamdard PC power cable, which I have tons of.

    The support does leave a lot to be desired quite honestly.

    Also, I have a feeling if I go hunting for a good set of screens, I could probably reduce 90% of my throat irritation without the need of a water bottle, and get very creative in othe ways. There are several videos on the web which show the vapezilla attached to a full sized bong, with vape pouring out the end.

    ///EDIT: 10/07/07

    Now consider this: This morning I had some stomach cramps and needed a little medicine. I smokedvaped:D and for the heck of it, I decided to use no water bottle. You can get away with little to no irritation if you have good screens.

    Infact, I did not get my throat irrated AT ALL. I cleaned and put in the screen that shipped with the vapezilla surrounded by two of the local ones (theyre not as fine). I was OK, no throat problems.

    Another thing that helps- positioning the vape below your mouth, and crimping slightly the tube with your finger- it's very easy to control it, but I prefer the water pipe honestly..

    So that's about it. I've shared all I can, and I wish the best of luck in whatever choice you make (or not make and spend the money on some dro). :D

    Choose wisely :)
    Hope all of this helps to clarify ..
  17. I have used aromed for almost a year and it has held up in every way as far as use cleaning (alcohol some people even make oil from cleaning) and effect as well as making cannabutter from the remains. You must be careful on the glass parts and I did break a bowl on cement floor. I and friends have used volcano and for party it is the bomb but for 1-4 folks aromed all the way. Put in as little or as much. I havent had to replace light. I feel it is the best for the price. crushed ice in water bottle works good and the bowl will fit in most glass bongs etc and with the bendable light fixture you can use it easily with bongs. Design is better then some see from photos.

    I also rarely burn now and have found that my lungs are much cleaner and I can work better with less loss of breath. Vapping is the smart way to go. It has lessen my amount by 1/3 and the budder is even more fun when you need to go to concert or other function where you dont want to drink and be medicated.

    Taste is incredible as I notice suttle difference in each strain and with digital temp control. I find even a nuiance in reaction when vapping at 340 vs 370.
  18. Agreed all around. How much did they charge you to replace the bowl?

    And yes. I am particular as far as what I want and don't want seen at home, so one of the most important reasons for my choice, which I should note is a very much a personal preference, was the 'stealthyness' of the looks of it.

    If you have no such qualms, and don't really care, the unit IS designed remarkably well. I just didn't like the medical-apparatus look and at the time, to be honest, I really didn't know what I was looking for. You've all been through it - dozens of websites, dozens of vapes, dozens of message boards, dozens of opinions.

    Again - try the unit. It looked pretty cool actually, I'm sort of wishing I had seen it a little later than I did, when I did see it, I was still on the heatgun trip, and didn't care for it. I've since realized that using a heat gun and for human consumption and direct inhalation is .. well, maybe not the wisest thing to do, even if it does get you whacked. Glue gets people high but none of us would advocate to sniff it. That's sort of the same attitude I have now towards HG-based setups. The unknowns outweigh the potential benefits.

    Another thing. Water does absorb a small amount of the actives in Cannabis. However the potential for irritation of your throat exists, and I've felt it. It isn't pleasant and tends to kill your buzz and send you into coughing fits.... No good.

    Again. If you can use something that's filtered, especially with something that becomes fine and very dry (perfect recipe for inhalation of particulate matter- may not be small enough to cause lung damge (sub 10 microns) but it sure gives you one sore throat.

    I would, after all I have learned in this experiment, consider the unit seemingly with the most going for it the Aromed. Immediately behind is the Super Vapezilla, which is a tremendously built, high quality, high precision instrument.

    Again as stated initially, the main reason I wished to go to vaping was a) I had quit smoking cigs and b) I wanted to stop, or at least cut down a little on the amount I smoke, and vaping/budder is the perfect way to do so.

    I had no idea about throat irritation. Fan assisted vs non fan assisted. Yes Heatguns will give you EXACT control over your vaped herb. I am currently building my heatgun into a stand alone unit for the sole purpose of filling party bags :) It's very easy to do, Ars got me started well, and no direct inhallation. I somehow think this is a bit safer.

    As I see it, I would go for a volcano for parties, and only parties. Like Almonjoy said, 1-4 people will have no problem using a "real" vape. For parties, I'll have my bag filler heatgun and will play with turkey bags a bit, who knows, I might even make a bunch of star-trek-bong videos and put them on youtube (kidding, kidding!) but, really, what's important has been covered.

    "Contestants, make your choices" :)
  19. FYI guys lol the innards of the vapezilla ARE cheap

    see that fuzzy lil fun black box... thats a less than 1 dollar made in china wall wart crammed INSIDE the unit to avoid the user noting it's cheap construction

    the fans? no self respecting PC builder would touch those cheap fuckers with a ten foot pole and these guys expect you to inhale off that...

    the unit is clearly refined by chinese low level producers for wicket roots and as such isn't truely designed with safety quality or lifetime use in mind

    it's hardly worth 200 bucks much less 500

    no offense streetspirit but seriously stick with the heatgun and figure out the best way to work with it since it is a true ceramic element totally removed from all the control pcb muck and it's SWISS made not chinese lol

    edit - check out what the one dude said about the silicone job done on mounting the glass tube's cracking on his poor ass lol
  20. Ars, I believe you are misreading my posts in a crucial way. This is my evening vaporizer. I cannot run a heatgun at night - it's just not gonna happen. We had a giant fight over this, and over the problem of accidentally setting the thing down and falling asleep (my wife is VERY afraid of home fire, to the point of paranoia, as she lost her dad in one when she as 9. )

    I LOVE my Steinel and wouldn't give it up for the world - but I love my wife a tad more :)

    Owning a Steinel (and enjoying it, I love my HG thoroughly) doesn't mean I'm married to this product and can never try something different.

    Also, just as a matter of fact of the conversation, Steinel is not a Swedish company. It was, and remains a German company. If you read the literature that comes wit your heat gun, it's on the inside cover of the HG manual. "Steinel, Inc. was founded by Heinrich Wolfgang Steinel in 1959 as a component supplier to electrical equipment manufacturers in Germany. The Steinel Group is active in several European countries, however our main plant continues to be in Germany" (and then goes on about quality of german engineering.... heh) -- but that's all rather beside the point.

    I agree with you to some extent but disagree with the conclusion. I've relayed my experience honestly. I also did say many times that nothing on the market today is worth anywhere near what they charge for it. I agree, it's a chinese box, and they overcharge (along with Storz and Bickel and the rest of the manufacturers of vaporizers - I mean come on, people get the Vapir and have to tape the thing so it actually works. This unit WORKS and does what it claims to do in advertising), but again, my experiences so far have been nothing but good.

    So why exactly should I be upset again? Because the fans are made in China? I haven't seen one remark about non-working fans on that board. Infact, last week I contacted everyone who participated in those discussions at WRUG and the few people that replied agreed with me. The thing works as advertised.

    As for the rest of it, I've stated repeatedly that a) it's overpriced, b) It has no parts warranty, c) Their support leaves a lot to be desired, and c) It has no water bottle which is only a plus in these units as I learned, and d) it does live up to the claims of it's manufacturers, at least in my limited experience with it.

    Ars, as for taking offense, forget that, no offense taken dude, you've given me a lot of good advice and I know you have my interests and the interests of people vaping at heart and forgot more than I've learned about vaping. However in this case I think you're condemning a little too quickly.

    All of these reasons are why I recommended that others try the Aromed because this box isn't worth anywhere near the amount they charge for it and has a few minor flaws. I said this on several occasions before, but then again, I can find plenty of flaws with the heatgun method, even though that doesn't mean I'm going to throw away my heatgun or stop using it.

    But you must admit - sucking off an industrial heatgun is an unknown. I'm sure there are Chinese parts in the heatgun. If only some resistor or microchip. It actually doesn't matter where that piece of electronics is produced, the fact is, it's directly in the path of the airflow in a heatgun, and in this unit, it isn't. It also isn't in other units like the Aromed.

    One can just as easily argue against the use of a heatgun. :) As you see, it's a relative experience. I enjoy myself, and that's what matters. A heatgun, An Aromed, an SVZ, a Vapir, whatever. The main thing is that you enjoy yourself - eh? I mean the thing does do what it claims, right? You can't accuse the of skimping on the heating element and that's really the important part.

    All of these units end up costing much more than they should. The Volcano is a perfect example. It's a piece of plastic with a cheap aluminum heater, but everyone praises it. Why? Simply because it works and works well.

    My feeling is identical towards the SVZ. It works. It does what it claims to, no more, no less. I don't see why I should be upset that some fans are are manufactured in China. Open any device these days and you are surely to find the majority of it is manufacturerd in China.

    As for health - Sucking off a commercial heatgun made in Germany OR Sweden (or elsewhere for that matter) doesn't make it any healthier :)

    One other reason why I like to try them even if they're expensive: I occasionally do freelance work for a magazine which has a distribution list of hundreds of thousands. I consider myself relatively well off financially, which allows me some leeway to experiment and relay my experiences to other not as fortunate folks.

    It is almost a certainty that I will be receiving an Aromed unit for review but may not get to keep it...

    And yes, I agree, you can get wonderful results with a heatgun- I do. But that doesn't mean I have to be a religious zealot about that particular method, ya know? :)

    I'm curious what your take is on the Aromed..

    Thanks Ars, much obliged for your opinion, which I actually value.

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