reccomended nutrients (brand)

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  1. NOT anything i'd have to order online please.

    i'm looking for easy to pick up at the garden store or big box store. (time is an issue, as well as paranoia)

    if you don't wanna/can't give a specific brand...then what exactly makes a fertilizer specifically boost, veg or flower.

    i've seen flowering ferts...but they were pellets, not liquid. and i've seen overall ferts (like MG) but i've read that overall ferts don't really provide the right balance at times.

    thanks in advance!!
  2. s'okay...sometimes i'm say the least (not high...we're waiting for our product to be done so we feel extra nice!!)

    but yeah i totally missed #8 in the basics last time i read it.

    sorry bout that.:eek:
  3. General Hydroponics Flora Nova Grow for veging.
    General Hydroponics Flora Nova Bloom for Flower.

    Those two are all you need!
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    Either Foxfarms or GH FloraNova
  5. I just ordered the Flora Nova nutes, I hear they work well...
  6. well what do you know...ONLY miracle grow at the big box store AND the garden center...

    guess i'll make do.
  7. i've been using the humboldt organic stuff. it's worked quite well.
  8. I've seen a lot of successful grows with MG nutes...........they're put together with the basic nutrition plants need. While not the best pick for'll certainly have success if you don't over do it.

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