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  1. I want to grow a small plant in my bedroom at uni. I have not got a lot of space and do not want a plant that needs a lot of space. I also have just one incubation lamp (used for chicks) to provide heat and light. Please tell me where I can get cheap-ish seeds that will do well in this environment.

    I live in the uk btw
  2. I have to tell you from experience, that I have had the best of luck growing in a small space with a mix Mr Emery of Emery Seeds sent me for about $20us. I have some growing now that are taking off like wild fire with only one lamp and a supplimental, low wattage lamp. ( about 150 watts) One is only 4-1/2 weeks old and she is already showing major growth signatures. It's going to be a good one if I can keep it going, seems to grow every hour. getting real tall. Thick stem, think it is sinsi, due to the 7 leaf clusters, but not sure. Purple, yeah, let it be!!!!! :) Marc's been good to me, Try, man. there is everything there.. from every major seed bank Come on people, give him the respect he deserves. Major actions on all of our parts. Just do it , Bro!!!!!

    Peace, Love, and Respect,


    PS, need a good Male vocalist, (Like Joe Lynn Turner) anyone over there in the UK any good? Sorry girls, need a guy. I know I know, Male Chauvinist , not meaning to be so, just business.
  4. If you are in the UK try Should be quicker and easier for you being in country.
  5. beans do well like that! but pot needs just a little more light! hps would do better!if its only one plant at a time by a clone from(http// bucks can give you skunk #1 in a clone that is know gessing !and well take less time because its a clone and it well be stronger as well !leave the hard work to others if its only one plant! good luck tazz11

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