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  1. hey guys whats your recommendations on nutrients? brands and such! please let me know what you use and prefer debating on which ones to buy so figured id leave it up to the veterans!

  2. Soil or hydro?
  3. Sorry man soil! Doin a stealth pc grow and currently jus runnin fox farm ocean whatever :) just started flowering have been to broke to buy nutes
  4. Plants don't need nutes. They need to tap into a living soil like your fox farm except with a fully loaded mineral base, which unfortunately fox farms have not mixed to the fruition. Notice they are I also selling fertilizer, the brand of soil is deficient.

    Add three to four cups of mineral or clay per cubic foot to the fox farm, or better yet start from scratch. This can be purchased rather cheaply at an art supply store or collected in nature, you can also add fine powdered sand as a mineral source. Then add a bit of high quality soil amendments or forage your own by gathering plants in the borage family. Add a bit of compost soaked char to round it off and probably a bit of gypsum (or tofu) to fluff the soil up a bit. I am sorry if that seems like much but with gardening you really need the correct soil from the get go...

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