Reccomendations of a glass bong for Valentines day. (?)

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    Yes... a late Valentines day present for the boyfriend. Late or not, that would be forgiven & forgotten with a bad ass new glass bong and a lot of love. :bongin: Agreed?! :cool:

    So... recommend away! Thanks guys for stopping by with your replies. I appreciate it. :eek:
  2. you could go to a local head shop give him a price range and tell him to pick one with that price range it is always nice to be able to pick your own piece, and even nicer when you do not have to pay for it.

    or shop online and say pick one in the price range.
  3. I have no ideas but I need to find a girlfriend like you
  4. LOL... Thanks that's sweet. She's out there. :laughing:
  5. a lucky man.... i would say get him a nice roor or an illadelph. check wat ur local headshop has in stock
  6. I'll take a look. Thanks a lot! :)
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    I second this and if you want to go beyond that you could get him a bad ass heady slide to go with it. Your a badass girlfriend by the way haha. Good luck.
  8. For brands roor or toro, or else just whatever your shop has in stock, so long as you can tell that it's quality.

  9. Awww shucks. :)

    Thank you all for replying.

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